BEAM™ was originally created by Dr. Joan Beattie, MD right here in Canada in the early 2000’s.  As a form of Emotional Homeopathy, BEAM™ is a process that relies on Higher Power (Energy Work), Muscle Testing and Chakra Balancing to systemically clears the layers of unprocessed emotional and mental trauma, dysfunction, negative core beliefs and embedded toxins in order to re-frame experiences at  the subconscious level.


Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method

Dr. Beattie’s explains BEAM™ as “a powerful, comprehensive yet simple, safe, effective, efficient, relatively gentle method of releasing past unprocessed emotions along with associated toxins. It is a higher-self directed process based on the use of a simple chakra procedure and vibration frequencies. It simply requires that a person show up, and does not even require that a person speak or understand. It can be used, therefore, for any problem and age.”

She continues by saying that “current problems and issues, whether emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual are in large part the result of unresolved, past emotional traumas, which in turn lead to dysfunctional perception, belief, and behaviour patterns, and possibly to disease. These are our “buttons” or habitual, unconscious, automatic ways of responding to the world.”

She concludes by sharing that “the problem stems from the fact that the trauma has been stored unprocessed and that, over time, dysfunctional patterns have been reinforced rather than updated (‘adultized’). This accumulation of unprocessed trauma and reinforced dysfunctional programs can be compared to layers of an onion (or cars in a parking lot or items in Pandora’s box). This concurs with Carolyn Myss’s proverbial statement that: “We are like a diamond covered with layers of shit.”  Embedded in these layers are the toxins which were present at the time of the trauma. The body associates them with the trauma, sees them as detrimental to itself, and continues to react to them in some dysfunctional way.  As each layer is removed, the overall effect of the trauma/patterns/toxins in one’s daily life becomes progressively weaker.

Beattie concludes that “The power of BEAM™ Therapy is that under the guidance of the higher-self, as verified by muscle testing, it eventually releases all the unprocessed emotional trauma, dysfunctional programs, negative core beliefs, and associated embedded toxins, simply by rolling back the layers in a comprehensive and systematic way. This release simultaneously generates an intellectual understanding of how the trauma has affected the individual over the years, greater than that usually gained through traditional psychotherapy. The result can be likened to reframing at the cellular level.  The key to BEAM’s success is to start with what the higher-self has determined to be appropriate at that time, rather than what the individual or the therapist may have determined. In this way, the process is entirely safe. We know that no issue will come up that is too much for the individual to deal with in the session.”

Source: Copyright © 2001-2016 JKBeattie; Training Overview; April 23 & 24, 2016 – during Traci Trimble’s certification process


Trauma is nothing

more than

being stuck in

what you believe.

Byron Katie

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