Not only are our emotions an essential and elusive form of internal communication between our Body, Mind and Ego, but as human beings, we also have the ability to shut off our emotions when we are not feeling safe, secure and supported.  We do this without realizing that our emotions are not designed to punish us.  Our emotions are the internal information system necessary to navigate the outside world.  Much like the GPS in your vehicle, your emotions are a warning tool that you are going in the wrong direction, they are meant to guide you in the right direction.  This is capacity to stay in alignment with where we are in our highest good is what is know as our Emotional Competence and is an essential part of our Self Awareness.  It is though one’s understanding of the Chakras that we then are able to become emotionally competent.

This powerful Eastern Healing Art called Chakra Balancing teaches the intricate connection between the 7 main Energy Centres of the Human Body to our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Awareness.

In this courses, Traci Trimble, PhD Reiki Master/Teacher & Metaphysician, leads you through a fascinating journey of each of the Chakras – exploring, experiencing and connecting…

The Basics; 90 minutes


Introducing the Chakras ~ an Ancient Eastern System
of Energy Healing

The 7 main Energy Centres of the Human Body

When you are able to begin to understand how the human body works energetically and how it is effected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by Universal Life Force energy then you are also able to recognize the blockages that effect you in negative ways – that take you out of alignment, out of balance.  By having even a very basic  knowledge of how the 7 main energetic centres of the human body function together as a whole, then you have the tools and resources to be able to heal yourself of any ailments that create challenges in your life over prolonged periods of time.  It is through an understanding of the Chakras system – this ancient Eastern system of energy within the human body – that we are able to clear away blockages so that our daily lives, our experiences and our true Self is able to move with purposefulness, peacefulness and ease.


In this 90 minutes you will have a basic understanding and level of comfort with this intricate system of Energy Healing.  There is NOT a manual for this portion of the program – please bring a journal that will act as your working manual.

Self Care; 3 hours


Bringing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
into alignment for YOURSELF

It is essential, when caring for the well being of others, that we are first doing “the work” for ourselves.  In Energy Work, we rely heavily on being grounded, being connected to Source and to our intuition.  That is only truly possibly when we have a firm understanding of our own state of being.  One of the best ways to do your own work and to be in service to others is to understand the Eastern Energy Systems.

Understanding the Ancient Eastern Energy System through the 7 main Chakras

Every single one of us carries around spiritual, mental, emotional and physical baggage from all of the events in our lives that we have experienced.  This baggage clouds who we really are and who we are meant to be.  It causes within us real pain, anxiety and depression.


Through an in depth knowledge of the 7 main chakras we are able to clear away any blockages, create inner peace and find balance – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


This  intense 3 hour hands on session is all about teaching you to understand each energy centre, to develop an intuitive and intimate relationship with your own energy flow and be to able to treat yourself, energetically, through clearing and balancing these 7 Energy Centres!

By clearing away the crap that you no longer need you are free to experience the Joy and Peacefulness that life has to offer.

In this Personal & Professional Development Program you will walk away KNOWING:


  • How each of the 7 main Chakras function; their properties and purposes
  • How to determine when you are “Out of Balance” and what you need to do to get back into Alignment
  • How to do a full Balancing Treatment on yourself and others
  • Who you are as an Energetic Being in Physical form
  • To use a pendulum, chanting, affirmations and mudras to balance your own energy
Treating Others; 3 hours


Bringing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
into alignment for OTHERS

Developing your Healing Ability through the Chakras System 


In order to be in service to others as an Energy Worker it is essential to develop your intuition and sensitivity to the energy messages of others.  To learn to feel the difference between in and out of alignment


An excellent and relatively simple way to do that is to work with the 7 main Chakra Centres – through a knowledgeable understanding of the Chakras but also and even more importantly through experiencing the each of the Chakras on a deep and personal level.


This intense 3 hour hands on session is all about developing your intimate relationship with Universal Life Force Energy through the ability to understand how  each of the Chakras guides, teaches and heals.  Our long term goal is to develop an inner awareness and an intimate relationship with each energy centre, to develop an intuitive and intimate relationship with the energy flow of others, to be able to treat others, energetically, through clearing and balancing their 7 Energy Centres!

An additional 5 hours out of the classroom will be required of you in order to get your certification – you will be required to do 5 treatment sessions, documenting each and handing it in your conclusions.


In this Personal & Professional Development Program you will:


  • Develop tools and practices that grow your intuitive awareness
  • Learn to “feel” blockages and visualize healing treatments
  • Understand how to communicate the messages you receive to others
  • Become more comfortable in your Service to others
  • Build a trust in yourself to use these gifts


I enjoyed the Chakra basic session. It gave me a clear understanding of what the Chakras are, what emotions are held in each one and the emotions that can block them. I feel that the course  gave me the ability to work on my own Chakras and work towards clearing them. It felt like enough information to get started on learning and having a better understanding of the roles of the Chakras in our energy system. I look forward to the 20 hour course.

Valerie Mussington, Oshawa ON

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I originally signed up for the Chakra Balancing course for myself; now I can see (and feel) how much value being able to work energetically with the chakras will be for my clients.  I am looking forward to doing the next 10 hours.  Thank you, Traci.

Melissa Coventry-Jones, Doula

I found the session to be a good review of the 4 levels of awareness.  I now have a solid understanding of the 7 main chakras, their location and significance to our overall health and well-being.  I found the question to be asked to assist in the clearing of each chakra to be particularly helpful.  This new information will be integrated with my Reiki training, to provide a more comprehensive foundation for my energy work.

Susan B