According to ancient eastern philosophy thousands of years old,  chakras are wheels that form symbolic energy centres within main points throughout the body. They have been described as swirling pools of energy creating movement and life force throughout the body.  Imbalances or blocks in these centres are caused by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual stresses & easily become stagnant. Unblocking them is a simple & relaxing process.

Chakra Clearing

Unblocking the 7 Main Energy Centres of the Body

When these essential energy centres are “blocked” we can feel run down, sluggish and even ill.  Imagine the chakras as your home ~ you need to clean, maintain and keep your home organized and when you do it looks and feels better.The seven chakras each relate to a specific colour, vibration, organ, gland or part of the body and for lack of a long detailed description should be spinning in a specific direction in order to attract the highest possible vibration of energy.  Each session is unique to your specific needs as no one person has the same imbalance.  I  may use specific tools such as  crystals, my chakra pendulum, deep breathing and/ or a hands on approach to bring your chakras into your highest possible frequency for balance of optimal health and wellness.

A few times a year, I suggest that you treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating Chakra Balance treatment.

This type of treatment is done over the clothing, on a massage table while you are laying on your back. A session takes approximately 1 hour.



  • Creates a sense of balance in the body, mind and spirit
  • Aids is releasing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks
  • Transforms perceived weaknesses into strengths
  • Enhances intuition and Self Awareness; Accesses inner wisdom

Experience being “grounded” in the physical and within your Spiritual Higher Self simultaneously.

BUY NOW ~ Chakra Balancing:

1 treatment ($85+hst); one-on-one
6 treatment package ($425+hst)

However, in sticking to the house keeping analogy the question then becomes – do you want to learn how to do Chakra Balancing for yourself on a regular basis?

I offer an empowering 3 Degree Chakra Energy Work program – 1st Degree is for anyone and everyone to learn about the Chakra System and treat yourself; 2nd Degree teaches and certifies you as Chakra Balancing Energy Worker and 3rd Degree teaches Psychic Surgery.


I am so grateful to have discovered Chakra Balancing and you, Traci Trimble.  Thank you, thank you! My emotional state of mind has done a 180 degree turn since we have been doing these treatments ~ and what a visually beautiful experience each session is.  I cannot wait to finish your course to “take care of myself” and my family.

Lilly, Port Perry ON

Mother of 6

I cannot believe how much we just do not know about how these incredible bodies and minds works.  After just 4 of my 6 chakra balancing sessions I have to share this…  I AM WORTHY  of setting and maintaining boundaries! I love my Solar Chakra and the colour yellow!!! This has been the most incredible experience, Traci, I thank you!

Nikki P, Ajax ON