8 Session Series… Learn the Art of Meditation 

Meditation has become a popular tool for stress reduction & relaxation. The Western Medical Community, both the GP & the Psychotherapist, prescribe meditation to eliminate the symptoms of acute stress, depression, anxiety & chronic pain. However, meditation is for much more than just stress reduction. It is the dynamic key for unlocking much healing, happiness and success within your life.

The Secret: to unlock any treasure you must have the right key. The key that works for your treasure box!

This is why many find the act of Meditation challenging – they were not given the right “tools” in the first place. Many more still are not really sure what meditation looks like, how it works or why they should even bother with it.  If you are one of these people or you want to deepen your Meditation practice then this program is for you.

Yoga Teachers, RMT’s and Holistic Health Practitions – this program is recognized as a Continuing Education program.  For more information go to PROFESSIONAL CEU’s.

Each week for 8 weeks, Traci Trimble, M.Msc; CYA-MT, will share with you the secrets of this ancient Eastern Art; providing you the tools to implement the form of meditation that best suits your unique needs and lifestyle.

Sessions include:

Week 1. is an intro night designed for you to get comfortable in the surroundings, learn a bit about how to make your body comfortable during meditation and to learn how to connect directly to Universal Life Force Energy through Meditation.  You will be completely prepared to sit in a sacred Meditation circle for the next 8 weeks – and hopefully even longer!

Week 2. is a 1-hour lecture style session with a brief introduction to the Art of Meditation through the 6 main styles of practice that ranges from modern-day western mediation all the way to Eastern Mystical Meditation.  You will get a clear answer to the questions (a) what is meditation? and (b) why meditation is so important?, you will learn about Guided Meditation – the first of 6 meditation styles and you will experience a 30 minutes Guided Meditation.

Week 3.  is a 1-hour lecture style session that introduces you to the concept of Ego and Spirit specifically their roles in Meditation and Self Awareness.  You will learn the second of the six styles of meditation – candle light self hypnosis, where you will experience a deep connection to your breath, learn to slow your Ego Mind and using breath, You will learn a simple method of putting yourself into a relaxed state in less than one minute (excellent for anxiety, meditation and insomnia). We will sit in meditation for 20 minutes; practicing your homework for the week.

Week 4. is all about clearing your mind using ancient Eastern Methods such as Mudras, Mantras and chanting. This is a hands-on session with very little lecturing.

Week 5. is a workshop style class that teaches you to stay connected during meditation with affirmations.  Not only will we learn about how powerful affirmations are, we will also create our own affirmation and experience meditation using the Mala Beads. We will meditation for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the time.

Week 6.  is also a lecture style session introducing an incredibly powerful and life altering process of consciousness flowing that makes meditation both easy and transformational.  It will also be very hands-on.  We will meditate for 25 minutes to 45 minutes using Lakhani’s 6 phase meditation method.

Week 7. is a free-flowing session –  the lecture will focus around Mystical Mediation and the experiential component will be a Silent meditation for at least 17 minutes.

Week 8.  wraps it all up by reviewing all of the meditation styles that you have been exposed to; as a group we will be creating individualized customized meditation practices to implement at home!

Tuesday nights from 6pm – 7:30pm

“Learn the Art of Meditation” is a 90 minute interactive learning experience for women over the age of 16; a Maximum of 6 students per class; you must preregister using the payment & registration link attached to the actual event.  This class repeats every 9 weeks.  Please note before registering that there are NO refund for missed classes; video may be available as a part of the package.

I found this class challenging at first but I feel great having persevered. Meditation has brought such a calming to my over all life.  I find the Affirmation Meditation works best for me.

Alison Z

I am grateful for my granddaughter gifting me this course.  Who could have imagined at my age (84 years young) that I would benefit so much from Meditation.  Thank you Victoria and thank you Traci.

Norma Butler

Learn the Art of Meditation

I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression in 1996.  I was told that I would require medication for the rest of my life.  I refused that – that would not be my fate.  It wasn’t easy; but it was worth it.  I searched for years for the tools that could be my medication – that created balance, peacefulness and clarity.  I found Meditation.  This IS my medication.  I am so very, very, very grateful for Meditation and all of the gifts that a daily practice has brought to me.  I wish this for you.    Namaste.

~ Traci Trimble