Empowerment Coach

My name is Traci Trimble and I am a Metaphysician in the field of Energy Medicine.

My expertise lies in connecting the cause and effects of the acute stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression that you are suffering from to the unresolved physical pain, emotional trauma, mental neurosis and spiritual disconnection that you have experienced throughout your lifetime.  I am passionate about guiding you through your own unique healing process, teaching you the tools that I am skilled in that resolve these challenges and to allow you to both create and maintain a life of peaceful balance.

As an Energy Worker, I am operating as both a Spiritual Guide and Empowerment Coach. I am certified as a Usui Reiki Shinpinden® (Reiki Master Teacher), a Bio-Energetic Therapist specializing in a proprietary bio-energetic emotional trauma release process called BETR® Therapy, a Raja Meditation Teacher and a Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher (CYA500).  My Masters Degree is in Metaphysical Science where I specialized in Mystical Meditation. In 2017, I completed my Doctorate in Energy Medicine, specializing in Energy Psychology where I created a proprietary 6 phase healing protocol called Soul Healing.  I am currently working on an additional PhD in Metaphysical Counseling. I am a registered Natural Health Practitioner (#22276) with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and may be covered by your extended health benefits.

~Traci Trimble, PhD

Personal Spiritual Growth

Balance, a sense of peace and the ability to cope with life’s challenges all stem from our inner awareness.  Whether you are learning meditation, exploring Self Awareness or managing depression, anxiety and/or chronic pain, My programs & counsel will help you discover your best self.

Professional Spiritual Growth

I believe, deeply, that your inward awareness is KEY to your outward success.  My business mentoring, coaching work and conscious business programs are designed for entrepreneurs to create successful, purposeful and profitable businesses but most importantly they are focused on your personal growth & development.

“Someone asked me, What is your religion?  

I said:  All of the paths that lead to the light”.