Traci Trimble, PhD ~ METAPHYSICIAN

I am a Doctor of Energy Medicine in the field of Metaphysical Psychology specializing in anxiety, depression and panic attacks.  As a specialist in the Healing Arts, I have combined my extensive training in both Traditional Mental Health and New Age Therapies in order to support you on your journey of Personal, Professional and/or Spiritual development. Using the ability to “see” trauma through the layers of your bioenergetic field along with the intuitive/psychic ability to channel the voice of “Your Energy Body” allows me to share valuable information with you, that comes directly from within you, through the voice of your Highest Self, yet directed through me.

Soul Healing PROTOCOL®


A Step by step Spiritual Journey
from HURT to HEAL


An online, self-paced, step-by-step spiritual journey of Self Awareness for adults who want freedom from the pain and suffering of anxiety, depression and/or panic attacks.  This signature program is a custom-designed, online experience consisting of self-paced modules that provide lessons, activities and one-on-one live sessions via Zoom.

My purpose as a Doctor of Energy Medicine is to holistically treat Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks.  My passion is to teach adults how to transform, from the traumatic state of HURT that is creating the pain & suffering, into the empowering state of HEAL that is your perfect right as a Human Being.

If you are on a Spiritual Journey and you have trauma to heal; then this program is for you.  Have ever suffered through anxiety, depression and/or panic attacks and it has taken a toll on you; then this program is for you.  If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; then this program is for you. If you have tried everything physical, emotional and mental to “fix” your pain and suffering and you cannot do this any longer; then this program is for you…


 my goal

It is through the process of learning, sharing, healing and growing that the Human Experience is cultivated.  My goal – well, that is simple – to guide & teach you to create and maintain your own Source of perfect harmony from within through…



Online program



Work with Traci

I am on a mission to educate individuals to Empower themselves to Evolve through Self-Awareness without Judgment.
I am a Teacher, a Metaphysical Healer, an Empowerment Coach & a Spiritual Guide.

We will work together online, either one-on-one and/or in small groups.  Your first session is Complimentary.
Let’s get started with a simple 3 step process…





I am!  My name is Traci Trimble and I am a Doctor of Energy Medicine, working as a Metaphysician in the field of Energy Psychology. What that means is that I work with the layers of the energy of the human bioenergetic field; within the layers of energy that surround, affect and influence us – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – that hold your known & unknown traumas.  My expertise is in connecting the physical effects of anxiety, depression & panic attacks to the unresolved trauma that creates not only the physical dis-ease, emotional incapacity, mental neurosis but also the spiritual disconnection that you have experienced throughout your lifetime.  I listen to your Soul’s voice to know the true name of your pain and then, together, we heal your suffering.


I am certified to professionally engage in the treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments and conditions through the use of Spiritual Mind-Body Treatments in the capacity of Metaphysical Practitioner. My passion is to teach you the tools that resolve those challenges and allow you to both create and maintain a life of peaceful balance – whatever that means for YOU!  I am a registered practitioner with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (Reg# 22276) and my Energy Work Services may be covered by your extended benefits programs.

I am here to play a supporting role in your development as a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.  Part of my role is to disentangle the trauma created by Ego while it has been protecting you from the fear stories found in your outer experience.  While at the same time, reminding you of your Soul’s agreement with Source.  My job is to bioenergetically realign your Emotions (your frequency) and your Thoughts (your vibration) to the highest good.

invest in a better you

 I highly recommend starting with your complimentary information session. It is a powerful and empowering 3 part event that will not only gift you some life altering information but it will also give us the chance to figure out the right treatment protocol for you. Yes, there is NO charge for this appointment AND there is no obligation to work with me. This is the gift that I am Divinely Guided to give to the world. 

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Kind Words 05

kind words

“Traci, Soul Healing Protocol has changed my life.  It is what I wanted but also much more than I could have expected.  Tell me how I can scream from the top of the hills to help you share it with the world.  When you say “life altering” that isnt enough.  Thank you so much for your gifts, ongoing support and spiritual guidance.”
With Love, Cathy

Kind Words 04

kind words

Traci is incredible. After listening to the first 5 minutes of one of her live videos I knew I needed a session with her. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. I sought medical tests and specialists as well as ultrasounds and biopsies. No one was able to give me the answers… and Traci did it in the first session. Grateful for you and excited to continue down this journey of self awareness and healing
Nadia Y – available on Facebook

Kind Words 03

kind words

“I am so grateful for everything you did for me yesterday. It’s like my senses are coming back. I’m more aware. And I’m very aware of negative energy that needs to be cleared.”
Allison Stuart

Kind Words 02

kind words

“I love my online sessions with Traci. Seriously this beautiful soul has changed my life. If anyone is searching for so guidance this is a beautiful place to start. And best part it is from the comfort of your home. So much love for you, Traci Trimble.”
Crystal H

Kind Words 01

kind words

“I’m amazed at how good I feel ALREADY, and it’s only been one session! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I don’t get that nervous anxious feeling in my chest anymore. I can slowly feel my old self coming back…can’t wait until our next session!”
With Gratitude, Donovan