As a Bioenergetic Therapist, Spiritual Guide & Teacher, my work is within the layers of your Human Bioenergetic Field – the physical, emotional, mental &  spiritual energy that surrounds and supports you. My entry into the profession of energy work began with training in Yoga, Reiki and Psychotherapy. That guided me into a Ph.D in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Energy Medicine, then to a Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology specializing in Epigenetics. Most recently embarking into certification in Psychedelic-assisted Therapy and Ayurveda Practitioner. My private practice and courses are based in developing a Conscious Mastery of Self.  Everything that we do together is designed to access your Human Being User manual and align you with the Natural Laws of the Universe. My professional passion is stoked in  healing the Generational Trauma that creates filters influencing the way you are capable of perceiving your reality. My teachings focus on both education & transmutation of blocked energy that affects your human experience.  The goal is simple – whole self realization – body, soul/ego, spirit in alignment.  I call this ‘mostly awesome, most of the time!’




The Self Awareness Academy is an interactive & dynamic portal loaded with on-demand video content and expert support in the continual development of your Spiritual based Self Awareness. In this safe, educational and experiential space we are focused on  HEALING generational trauma, BUILDING your own unique roadmap for being Human & TEACHING you to thrive in a state of happiness that can only be described as “Mostly Awesome, Most of the Time”.

Our purpose in the Self Awareness Academy is to provide all levels of Spiritual Seekers with a map to their unique divine blueprint called ‘the human being user manual’ that is designed to shift into Self Awareness with ease. Our platform is sharing the story of the Divine Assignment in your 1:1 SOUL REVEAL READING and then creating your ‘unique-to-you ‘Human Being User Manual’.   Our passion is to empower you to be on your True Path as Spirit Energy having a human experience.  In this portal of knowledge, you are supported on your own self-paced journey of shifting out of Spiritual Disconnection into Self Awareness without Judgement. We are your Guides, Teachers and Energy Workers. 

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Wouldn’t it be really amazing if there was a manual for being Human? Guess what, there is!! What is even more exciting is that within that user manual there is a chapter uniquely all about YOU.  The Self Awareness Academy is not only where you get access to that user manual but also where we guide you through creating that chapter for your own Self in the signature program called SOUL HEALING PROTOCOL!  Check out the simplified version of a 3 step map to get you started…


My Goal as a Therapist


Is to share with the world, that uninspired, self-sabotage,  anxiety & depression are the end stages of a metaphysical disease called SPIRITUAL DISCONNECTION.  The symptoms usually begin with a general lack of desire for living life, this inevitably leads to compulsive and habitual behaviour that creates chaos, that becomes what is now being diagnosed as mental illness – specifically anxiety/depression. 

My mission is to change the way that people understand and treat uninspired, self sabotage, anxiety/depression through a very simple proprietary process called The Spiritual Reset, I will not only share what Spiritual Disconnection is, I will also  teach you exactly how to transform your pain and suffering. 

My goal – well, that is simple – to support & teach YOU as your Spiritual Xenagogue – the translator of the Human Being User manual and the tour guide of the Human experience.  I will show you how to eliminate the effects of mental & emotional suffering so that you create and maintain your own Source of perfect harmony from within.  I call this  SELF AWARENESS WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and I utilize a combination of Metaphysical Psychology, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Psychedelic-assisted therapy, Ayurveda and my proprietary energy medicine technique called BETR – bioenergetic emotional trauma release.

What is Spiritual Disconnection?

Discover YOUR Divine Assignment


Online Spiritual Programs



Work with Traci

   I am on a mission to educate individuals to Empower themselves to Evolve through Self-Awareness without Judgment.
I am a Teacher, a Metaphysical Healer, an Empowerment Coach & a Spiritual Guide.

We will work together online, either one-on-one and/or in small groups. 
There are 4 ways to work with me – book a live on Zoom one-on-one appointment,
become a Member of one of my communities, join a course in the Self Awareness Academy
or meet me live at one of my events or weekend Retreats 


I am a Spirit Energy having a human experience.  I am completely dedicated to doing my work honestly on this Earthly plane. I give myself wholeheartedly to this gift of Life, to every single day and to each moment.  Without hindrance, my purpose is to be of enormous benefit as a Teacher and Spiritual Guide.  My message is the Human Being User Manual and my platform is The Self Awareness Academy.  

Peace Profound

~  Traci

invest in a better you

I highly recommend starting your Spiritual Journey with me by joining me over in The Self Awareness Academy where you are invited to the SOUL REVEAL READING.  In this 1:1 session you are being asked to imagine that YOU ARE in fact Spirit ~ 100% pure Energy ~ who has ‘chosen’ Human being as a school of sorts.  You, like each and every other person on this planet, have come here on a DIVINE ASSIGNMENT, in part to have thoughts, feelings and experiences but also to learn and grow.  The kicker is that most of us have forgotten our Divine Assignment. Fortunately, embedded within our cellular memory are all of the details… just waiting for you to REMEMBER.  My gift is to channel that information and share it with you!

Kind Words 05

kind words

“Traci, Soul Healing Protocol has changed my life.  It is what I wanted but also much more than I could have expected.  Tell me how I can scream from the top of the hills to help you share it with the world.  When you say “life altering” that isnt enough.  Thank you so much for your gifts, ongoing support and spiritual guidance.”
With Love, Cathy

Kind Words 04

kind words

Traci is incredible. After listening to the first 5 minutes of one of her live videos I knew I needed a session with her. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. I sought medical tests and specialists as well as ultrasounds and biopsies. No one was able to give me the answers… and Traci did it in the first session. Grateful for you and excited to continue down this journey of self awareness and healing
Nadia Y – available on Facebook

Kind Words 03

kind words

“I am so grateful for everything you did for me yesterday. It’s like my senses are coming back. I’m more aware. And I’m very aware of negative energy that needs to be cleared.”
Allison Stuart

Kind Words 02

kind words

“I love my online sessions with Traci. Seriously this beautiful soul has changed my life. If anyone is searching for so guidance this is a beautiful place to start. And best part it is from the comfort of your home. So much love for you, Traci Trimble.”
Crystal H

Kind Words 01

kind words

“I’m amazed at how good I feel ALREADY, and it’s only been one session! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I don’t get that nervous anxious feeling in my chest anymore. I can slowly feel my old self coming back…can’t wait until our next session!”
With Gratitude, Donovan