Classes & Workshops

Traci lives to Teach.  Teaching is both her passion and purposefulness!  All sessions are created and facilitated from the perspective of both Coaching (a training or development process where you are supported while achieving a specific personal or professional goal) and Mentoring (a guidance and accountability type of relationship where we focus on discovering competencies, core values and personal development opportunities).

Our class sizes are small – a maximum of 12; excluding Membership Lessons – to ensure the utmost personal attention.   In-person programming is either in Whitby or Port Perry Ontario Canada; Online events are via Zoom and Retreats are in Ontario or International.  

Anyone interested in both Inner Awareness & Outward Success will find great benefit personally, professionally AND spiritually.

We offer a monthly calendar of events that run throughout the year and repeat at least once every four months.  All events, in-person and online –  are available on the events calendar.  The foundation of every class is to teach you, the student, tools for personal development, a deeper Self Awareness and an understanding of Energy Medicine as it personally pertains to you.

All classes require both payment and registration to secure your space; *only LIVE In-Person, **only ONLINE

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Self Awareness without Judgement Membership

Self Love*

Reiki Precepts

Navigational Types

Tough Love