Traci’s PURPOSE on this planet is to be in service; to Guide & Heal.  In her private practice, as a Doctor of Energy Medicine, she operates as a Metaphysical Practitioner & a Spiritual Guide.  All healing treatments with Traci are a combination of Energy Medicine including but not limited to Intuitive Reading, Reiki, Bioenergetic Emotional Therapy, Djuny as well as Spiritual Counseling that includes Soul Connection, Talk Therapy, Coaching, Self Awareness & Energy Medicine education. 

The entire process, from HURT to HEAL, in order and below,  is called Soul Healing® Therapy; However each treatment in the protocol is also offered individually and are broken down into 2 distinct practices: HEALING & GROWTH

Her sessions are in-person either in Whitby Ontario Canada or online via Zoom. If you live in Canada AND you have Natural Health Practitioner Insurance then these services should be covered by your benefits – always check with your administrator first. All sessions are 1 hour unless otherwise noted and require booking in advance. 

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HEALING TREATMENTS are designed to eliminate trauma
by restructuring the bioenergetic field as well as the neuropathways of the brain. 

This is the best place to start…

45 minute Complimentary Consultation – The Shadow’s FEAR Story

BETR THERAPY – Bioenergetic Emotional Trauma Realignment

INNER SPEAK – Soul & Ego in Alignment

Spiritual Guidance & Empowerment Coaching – Ongoing Support


GROWTH TREATMENTS are designed to teach you the tools
required to continue your positive emotional & mental habits of Self Awareness without Judgement.

Soul Healing Protocol

Discover Authentic Self – Remembering the Agreement

Navigational Types – Your Ego’s True Nature

Self Mastery – One on One

Spiritual Guidance & Empowerment Coaching – Ongoing Support