A Spiritually Based Positive Mental Attitude

~ Creating Inner Awareness; Experiencing Outer Success

By Traci Trimble, Spiritual Guide, January 2016

Although I have been consciously cultivating my inner awareness for the last 15 years and assisting others as a Spiritual Guide over the last decade, it was only recently, through my studies to become a Doctor of Metaphysics and also through my connection to the late Dr. Paul Leon Masters, that I have been able to succinctly sum up what I have created within the entire body of my personal development and growth work…


“I have created an inner awareness that maintains my outer success through the cultivation of a Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude.”


As you can see above, I am now able to, in a single sentence, describe the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “work” that I have been doing in order to feel whole within my own existence as a spiritual being in human form.  Through becoming intimately connected to both my personal self /ego based experiences and needs as well as (and at the same time) intimately connected to both my universal self /spiritual based experiences and needs I have built a solid foundation that supports me in the navigation of my everyday life –  where no matter the experience – I am able to see it for what it is and not what I have the subjective potential to both positively or negatively create it to be.


I have truly discovered how to maintain the perception of all that life is with a Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude. Does that mean that my life is perfect?  Certainly if we are engaging the framing of each experience as simply good or bad… then no, it is impossible, nor would I want my life to be perfect.  I have come to understand the importance of the yin and yang philosophy of the flow of both positive and negative energy.  We have to experience that bad to enjoy the good and vice versa without succumbing to what Dr. Robert Augustus Masters, in his brilliant book by the same name calls “Spiritual Bypassing.  It is essential that we are not allowing the new age, often misinterpreted or “dumbed down” version of spirituality to disconnect us from what really matters…


What is a Spiritually based positive mental attitude


A spiritually based positive mental attitude doesn’t mean only seeing the positive in everything – no matter what the experience, nor does it mean faking it until you make it and it certainly does not mean blindly accepting that everything happens for a reason. These are all prime examples of spiritual bypassing that is being perpetuated through the misunderstanding of mystical knowledge in the westernized 21st century.


In fact, being a spiritually based positive mental attitude is a lifestyle not something you have or an action that you take.  It is a way of being that brings to you, literally draws into your energy field, prosperity, happiness and success.


For ease of understanding I will break it down in words…


Spiritually based ~ a willingness to be open to receive the intuitive direction from one’s God mind in order to receive guidance to all that brings happiness, success and prosperity into one’s life; A belief in the power, wisdom and Presence of the God-Mind of the Universe present in each of us.


Positive ~ knowing that in spite of any apparent difficulty one’s connection to Universal Life Force Energy (The Universe or God) will show way for improvement.


Mental ~ An understanding  that our thoughts have power to create our lives; Psychologically speaking, our “thoughts become part of [our] subconscious mind forming thought patterns” (or evidence), either positive or negative, that we use to analyze the potential outcome of any scene, situation or scenario as either good or bad; metaphysically speaking “our thoughts telepathically radiate out vibrations of failure (negative) or of Success” (positive) that then in turn attract other like energy in the form of people, situations and scenarios


Attitude ~ a knowing, that Dr. Paul Leon Masters, calls a transcendent attitude, “…in spite of any apparent difficulty, one’s Higher God-Mind will show way for improvement”.

For me, “being” a Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude means that:

  • have faith in God, my Higher Self/The Universe, so that I am inspired to take action in my life; everyday.
  • All channels of my mind are open to receive intuitive direction and creative ideas so that I am guided to all that brings good into my energetic reality.  I succeed in being aware, internally and externally of the messages from my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of Self.
  • In everything that I do, I am connected as One to my personal self (Ego) and my Universal Self (spirit); so that they each are able to function in harmony.

Therefore, creating and maintaining a Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude without succumbing to spiritual bypassing is simplistically a matter of both conscious thought control combined with the results of the “work” that you do on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of Awareness; both on your own personal development and on being in service to others.


The “work


The “work” that I so passionately speak of is YOUR WORK, a combination of understanding, creating and maintaining your true and Authentic Self through both your inner environment (Higher Self and Ego in a harmonious relationship) and your external environment (the degree of  influence that others have over you) based on the four levels of awareness ~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


The work requires that you first recognize the signals of  your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness that are universally designed to guide and teach us; to heal and protect us; to bring us to wholeness in the experience called a human lifetime.  Yes, sometimes these signals appear and are categorized as positive and we use them to establish evidence that we are indeed on the right path.  Then there are the negative physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alerts that we receive.  These are extremely valuable flags to guide us, much like our GPS system in the car warns us that we have gone too far.  These seemingly negative experiences are very clear warnings that we are NOT doing the work, that we are off track from our purposefulness or that we are not paying attention to our own personal development needs.


Second, the work requires that you not only  acknowledge these warnings but also that they are allowed to unfold into a full, non condemning (as opposed to non judgmental), non fear based experiences.  To see, feel and know the truth of  message as it is delivered to you, for you.


Finally, the work requires that you let go of what you no longer need.  To take what you need to grow and develop, to expand and contract with freedom and peace, to be who you are truly meant to be and simply dump the rest – release the fear, worry, shame and guilt from the situation so that it can be what it was meant to be… just a lesson.


**I have a great analogy called the “backpack” – check it out here to better understand how much we carry with us and why we do it.


How does all of this relate to your Happiness


The experience that we ALL desire in this lifetime is to be happy, feel at peace and be purposeful… essentially to live our lives in fullness!  When we are disconnected from our Spiritual Self or when Ego is given free rain to control the way we perceive the world around us then we are always fully immersed in our darkness.  We are unconsciously allowing negative energy to control our thoughts, actions and reactions.  We are then encased in the  fear and loneliness of humanity as though that is all there really is to life.

A spiritually based positive mental attitude gives us the skills and ability to connect equally to the light as to the dark – psychologically, psychically and spiritually.




Know that I am here to assist you, whether you are brand new to this stuff called Spirituality, whether you are currently in service as an Energy worker or you are just looking for support in your personal development & growth… I am here to guide, teach and support you on your journey to a Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude.




~ Traci