My Story…

As both Spirit Energy having a Human Experience and being in-service as a Metaphysician, I am committed to always be learning, sharing, healing and growing.  Most importantly, I can say with profound confidence, that I have and will continue to do my “human being” work honestly.  In that, I truly know who I want to be and love who I am!  All that I desire, on your behalf,  is for you to truly know who you are and to love yourself unconditionally. I know, that may sound scary, even impossible – I get it, I was there once, too.  However, my purpose is to guide you – it is both my honour and my passion to be of enormous benefit to all Beings.

Please, allow me to share my story with you so that you know that you are not alone…

I was born in the early 1970’s, I grew up in small town Ontario, just a couple of hours east of Toronto, ON Canada.  From the time I was a little girl I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.   The desire was so intense that my only thought upon graduating high school was to get my teaching certificate ~ as a matter of fact, to ensure that was a possibility for me, in 1990, I left my hometown (population of 1800 people, just outside of Belleville, Ontario), my family and my high school sweetheart to move to Toronto, to live with my Grandparents, so that I could go to high school where they had semester system and a co-op program that would give me teaching experience.  Never in my life, to that point, was there any plan other than being a Teacher… well, that was not to be so, it seemed.

Fast forward to 2003, my life was nothing like I had planned ~ I was definitely off course.  I was in my 30’s, I was divorced, I was unable to have children of my own and I was an Executive in the Packaged Goods Industry – not a Teacher at all! Mostly, I was MISERABLE. So miserable, that I thought that I was very ill. After seeing multiple types of doctors, from my GP to Oncologists, I was sent to a Psychiatrist who decided in one 30 minute consultation that I was clinically depressed (I already knew that! I was diagnosed in 1996) and would require medication for the rest of my life.

After a while on the meds, I knew that I was not myself AND nothing had really changed, I had experienced all of this before.  I was so tired, so frustrated – I felt so lost and alone.  Nothing I was doing was working. Each day was just getting more and more difficult to survive. The rage, depression and anxiety were completely overwhelming every aspect of my world.  I hated myself and my life. Even worse, there seemed to be nowhere to turn at that time… so, it was here where my journey to Self-Awareness began.

It all really started to take off for me in 2006, with what felt like the longest but also the most invigorating 15 months of my life.

First, I discovered Yoga and the empowered sense of being alive that I experienced, both while on my mat and for days afterward. [I am now a Certified Yoga Teacher, YTT500]

That led to a Meditation practice, where I learned to recognize my True Self in each and every breath.  [I not only have a Masters in Metaphysical Science specializing in Meditation and Bioenergetic Therapy; but also a daily personal meditation practice and a professional meditation practice focused on channeling healing from the 12 dimension energies and I train Bioenergetic Therapist to master meditation as well]

Then I re-discovered Reiki.  At this time in my life it was as my very own personal source of healing. [I am a certified Reiki Shinpindin (Master Teacher) in Usui Teate, Holy Fire Reiki and Kuruna Reiki]

Each of these life-altering discoveries led me to realize that “suddenly” my life no longer seemed like toiling, purposeless effort. In present moment awareness, these activities had allowed me to make small and simple changes to my lifestyle – that only months before seemed impossible. Things like being aware of both my thoughts and my feelings –  to be able to recognize both the fiery rage within me and the negative blaming patterns, the guilt and the shame. Things, like being able to actually change my beliefs about myself – about who I was and about who I really wanted to be; like finding forgiveness for both myself and others and most especially about discovering the power of gratitude.

In 2006, as though it were like magic, the CRAP (people, places, things, scenes, scenarios and situations) in my life that was no longer serving me just began to fall away. Things that, in the past, I had not had the courage to take action in moving through or forward in, literally exploded; like my horrible cohabitating relationship that ended (violently) and in “leaving” my corporate job (which felt pretty terrifying too).  I was finally able to look into the mirror and smile at myself.  After a while, plus some learning and some healing, I truly understood Self-Love and I was no longer raging on the inside.  It was a new beginning for me. The beginning of not only my own Self-Awareness without judgement but for the first time in decades, I felt like I was on my True Path!

I bought a house in Brooklin ON in 2007 and moved to what is now my beloved community ~ the Durham Region. That same year, I “manifested” Fred, the man of my dreams, into my life and I began the process of re-educating myself through various certificates and degree programs in the holistic arts – Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki Master Teacher, Talk Therapy, Djuny Method of Psychic surgery and BEAM Therapy; all of which have moved me, small step by small step, towards the woman I want to be ~ abundant, peaceful, purposeful, balanced, passionate, productive, kind, compassionate, patient, in-service and in integrity.

2010 ushered in the dream – I opened the doors to a 6200 square foot Wellness Community, Day Spa & Event Centre called Tranquil Garden in Oshawa, ON Canada.  It was here, over the next 5 years, that I developed a passion for a deep understanding of Self, of teaching my Self and others to build a solid foundation through Self-Awareness.  During this time, I made a ton of mistakes that gifted me many very valuable lessons that I now share with others through the life-altering program called Self Mastery.

In the spring of 2015, I was gifted with both the time and the opportunity to finally complete my life long learning dream of attaining my Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences – specializing in Energy Medicine.  In 2017, I completed my Doctorate of Metaphysical Psychology (D.Mpsyc) with an emphasis in Epigenetics (healing generational trauma) and am currently a candidate for my Ph.D in Metaphysical Counseling from the University of Sedona.  I look forward to sharing my learning’s in Conscious Spiritual Realization, Metaphysical Principals, Transcendent Awareness and the Psychology of Consciousness with my students.

In 2020, while the world was in chaos, I took the opportunity to pivot my entire business model from word of mouth referral based one-on-one treatments to taking all of my courses and private sessions online to an International audience.  In the summer of 2022, all of my hard work culminated in the launch of the online elementary level Spiritual School called the Self Awareness Academy where thousand of student discover their very own Human being user manual as they move through the Divine Assignment, Soul Healing Protocol and The Practitioner’s Journey.

Today, I am a Metaphysician in the field of Metaphysical Psychology ~ focused on teaching and treating Spiritual Disconnection and healing generational trauma.  I am in service as a Teacher, a Spiritual Guide and a Mentor. I work as a Bioenergetic Therapist. I am passionate and dedicated to Educating adults to Empower themselves to Evolve through Self-Awareness without Judgement.  I am an Empowerment Coach who holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc), received my Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), have my Masters in Metaphysics and am certified in Talk Therapy.  I am an Energy Worker certified both as a Usui Reiki Shinpinden® (Master Teacher) and as a Bioenergetic Therapist practicing BETR™ therapy (Bioenergetic Emotional Trauma Release). I am registered as an Ordained Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry out of the University of Sedona.  As a registered Natural Health Practitioner in Canada it is very likely that my services are covered by your extended benefits plan.  I am passionate about teaching Self Awareness & Spiritual Connection through my online signature program called Soul Healing as well as my Practitioner Certification process. My platform is a well-being movement called Self Awareness without Judgement where I am a Retreat Facilitator, a Spiritual Public Speaker and the Author of the forth coming book titled “The Human Being User Manual ~ A Spiritual Guide to Living Life to the Fullest”.

I still live in the Durham Region, with my awesome love partner, Fred, in our “dream” home on Lake Scugog in Port Perry, Ontario.  In 2019, we said goodbye to our fur baby’s, Gordon & Kandis, so I began to volunteer as the Home Visit Coordinator for Homeward Bound Rescue and occasionally even foster bulldogs as needed. In May of 2020, we welcomed two new additions to the family – french bulldogs named Freya & Angus – who are training to be Emotional Therapy Dogs.  Just 8 months later we welcomed Trinity to complete our pack.  My every day begins and ends with a Reiki Self-treatment, meditation and chakra balancing. Yoga continues to keep me grounded; Teaching fills me so full and I love to study, to read and to write; I shut my brain off with action movies in our cozy home theatre and my weaknesses include Fred’s laughter and hot from the oven chocolate chip cookies – they both make me melt inside!

Like I said, it took me a few years to figure out my True Path and yes,  I have strayed several times however, this I know to be truth – with Self Awareness without Judgement there is great freedom and joy! Most importantly, I can honestly say that I truly know who I want to be, I am her most of the time and I deeply love who I am!  I am following my True Path – personally and professionally.  All that I desire, on your behalf,  is for you to KNOW your True Path as well.  I really am here to guide you!  Are you ready to get started?

Blessings xo

~ Traci