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Are you a Solopreneur, Small Business owner or an Independent Contractor?

Do you want to be more Spiritually Connected, to live a Prosperous Life, to feel Whole?

Do you want to create and operate
a Conscious and Financially Rewarding business? 


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In this Personal Development Business Foundations Program, not only will you walk away with a new found confidence, clarity of purpose and a solid sense of Self-Awareness, but You will also have all of the pieces to build a detailed, clear and usable business plan. Best of all, you will have renewed your passion for Life – both personally and professionally.


If you feel alone or isolated as a business owner, this program is for you.

If you feel not good enough, or not knowledgeable enough to be a success, this program is for you.

If you feel that you have been judged for your success OR failures, this program is for you.

If you are afraid to charge what you are worth, this program is for you.


Although this is a 16 hour in class commitment, with at least 1 hour of homework per module, it begins for you a life-long journey of “doing your work” of taking care of your Self.  This program begins every month, except July and December,  on the 2nd and 4th Monday and Thursday from 6pm-10pm.  That doesn’t work for, then book a private class – 12 hours (4x 3-hour sessions for only $999 + HST).  These sessions are live and take place in Brooklin ON Canada. Online programming coming Fall of 2016!

The program is $799 + HST and includes:

  • Personalized coaching & Business mentoring that result in personal and professional growth each week; 16 in class hours (that’s less than $50/hr of interactive personal and business skill development; a savings of $35 per hour in private sessions)
  • Profound Emotional Healing; connecting to your spiritual core values, discovering the emotional traumas that block your success and discovering the tools required to maintain your Self-development “work”
  • A foundation for your detailed business plan including customizing your Personal goals & your Business needs, building your “Target Market Avatar” and understanding of how to use this to leverage your business message
  • Personal development exercises to reconnect to yourself & to your business
  • Ongoing peer support
  • A renewed vision and passion for your business
  • **Payment Plans Available, See below

Class sizes are limited to 4 participants to ensure optimal amount of personal time, focus and intimacy.

Post Program Support:

After the program ends you will not be alone.  There are one-on-one coaching packages available; Most importantly, there is a MASTERMIND group ~ a support group of students who have also been through the program that are ready to support you and hold you accountable for your “means” goals!!  Previous graduates have said this is one of the most valuable aspects of the program.

There may be a waiting list as there are only a maximum of 4 students per program.  So, if you go to register and cannot simply return here and join the wait list.

A Personal Message From Traci…

As an Empowerment Coach, Energy Worker & Workshop Facilitator, I have over 8 years of hands-on experience as a resource to those seeking to “be in service”, seeking to be Self-Aware and seeking to be successful doing what they love to do.  For 5 of those years, I owned and operated a Wellness Centre employing & supporting over 20 independent contractors; so know what it feels like to be in FEAR.  To be in fear of feeling all alone in your business, of being overwhelmed by it all and of not thriving financially.  I also know what it feels like to conquer my fears, grow my practice and to be my true & authentic self.  From that Inner Awareness, I have been able to successfully create the life of my dreams.  I am so excited to teach you to do the same!

In this 16-hour continuing education program, I share with you the tools and resources that have created hundreds of passionate and profitable Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Together we will:

  • discover and then eliminate the emotional traumas, the negative behavioural patterns and the “brules” (bullshit rules) that have been blocking your success;
  • cultivate a true sense of self-awareness that allows you to, without a doubt, know exactly what you want in your life and to know exactly who you want to be;
  • create a detailed roadmap that will serve to  guide you throughout the journey to personal and professional success by developing a business model that will work best for you and the lifestyle are desire to design.

I present to you a powerful 4 module system that creates a solid foundation for building a successful conscious business that serves the needs of your ideal client AND serves both your personal and your spiritual development needs too.

My custom designed 4 Module/16 hour continuing education program runs every month except December on the 2nd and 4th Monday and Thursday night from 6pm – 10pm.  In these sessions,  you will create a solid foundation for your life… you will become the person you dream of being and operate the business that you dream of owning!

This program is ideal for new service providers who are ready to get serious, for those who are struggling to get to the next level and/or for those who are looking to reinvent themselves into who they were really meant to be.

By combining both proven business and personal development strategies this program has been designed and tested for business growth with a special emphasis on your own personal development and spiritual awareness as the business operator.

Contact me today, and let’s talk about how you can let go of the details and rekindle the passion for your business.

Traci Trimble, Empowerment Coach

Learn More About Conscious Entrepreneur in this Interview with your host, Traci Trimble, Metaphysician and Empowerment Coach…

Both Evening & Private
Programming Available! 

Choose the schedule that
suits your needs: 


4 week program; from 6pm – 10pm
2nd & 4th Monday & Thursday monthly
NO classes in December or July
any holidays will have a makeup class

I had no idea what to expect & I am so grateful for the changes that have taken place within me & my life… I finally feel like I am back in touch with who I am meant to be.

Angela, Whitby ON

With the support of the group dynamic, as well as Traci’s intuitive loving guidance I am empowered now to move forward in the things that were keeping me stuck from pursuing my dreams; Thank you, Traci, for providing a safe environment for me to push past my comfort zone to get to the heart of what was holding me back.

Angie, Whitby ON

I resisted being “a business” for nearly 8 years; in just 2 weeks after finishing this program I have 9 new clients, am having a web page built and feel great about my marketing techniques. It feels GOOD to be a solopreneur.

Miranda Keller


This program really felt like a small group coaching session – it was so customized to our needs.  I am grateful to you, Traci, for opening your heart and sharing your experiences with us; I was honoured to be a part of your beta testing.  I got so much out of this magnificent discovery practice.  I cannot wait for you to guide my team of practitioners through this program.

Nelly Comeau

Director, Wellness Centre

…All of the frustration I had previously experienced in directing my business just melted away as the clarity of my purpose unfolded right in front of me…

Rachelle Foster

Harmonized Healing Arts

Set Up A Private Call With Traci

Think you’re ready to take the next step with your business, but you’re not sure that this program is right for you? Contact Traci right now for a confidential chat about your business challenges and see if this program will be a good fit, before you commit.

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payment plan


Anyone can choose to use the payment plan.  However, there are some rules that you need to be comfortable with, including but not limited to:

  • the payment plan is an exception to our standard REFUND POLICY
  • there is a  $100 + HST deposit that is required for you to register AND it is non-refundable
  • You will be required to sign a contract (a) acknowledging the $100 + HST deposit is non refundable (b) agreeing that full payment will be processed should you attend the first class and (c) providing permission to process your credit card should that be your payment form of choice
  • each subsequent payments will each have a $20 administration fee
  • the subsequent payments MUST be made by filling out a credit card authorization form (attached) that we will keep on file; we accept Visa, Mastercard and/or Amex
  • Together we will agree on the best plan that works for each of us; the final payment must be made BEFORE the program ends
  • IF your credit card declines then 1 attempt to contact you will be made via email to agree on a plan of action; you will have 24 hours to provide the funds in any form best suited to your needs; or bring the full amount in cash owing to the next class; your credit card will continue to be processed until the funds are acquired
  • IF you drop out before the program ends there are no refunds and full payment will be taken immediately

DOWNLOAD the Payment Plan Agreement

How to Use the Payment plan:

  1. Download the Payment Plan contract; fill it out and email it to EVENTS
  2. Look below for the dates you wish to register for; click on the date to register
  3. In the registration process pick either (a) paid Traci in person [if you paid by email, paypal and/or cash] OR (b) $100 + HST non refundable deposit; fill out the registration form
  4. Any questions click here


Profound and powerful, The Conscious Entrepreneur program plunged me into exploring my life’s passion and purpose creating a focused and actionable marketing plan for my coaching practice. Filled with tips, tools and resources, I highly recommend The Conscious Entrepreneur program, it is a valuable investment for you and your business.

Christine Boyle,

Coach & Mentor, Fusion Enterprises

I feel so empowered and excited to launch my business… for real.  This is no longer a hobby thanks to your guidance and support, Traci.  I look forward to the group support sessions.

Louise Pentergast

Reiki Master Teacher

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