Discover Your Authentic Self


This exceptional workshop is based on a an intensive series of independent exercises that will uncover for you the 3 hidden core values that drive your unique Soul Purpose ~ these are the very reasons that you here, in this place at this time, these are what you are “meant” to explore and experience to bring good and prosperity to your life.  This is a profound, and revealing experience… be prepared for a true Self Awareness breakthrough!

Every participant will receive a different outcome that is completely unique to them.  You can use this valuable Soul Purpose information for the rest of your life as a tool to help you make decisions, to evaluate your priorities, to love and value yourself.

One of our highest rated programs, Discover Your Authentic Self,  has been taken by nearly 1200 individuals over the last 8 years and is accustomed to high praise and acclaim.

Book your private 60-minute session ($129+HST) or Customize your own workshop and invite some close friends for a completely unique and intimate activity (min 2ppl/$85+HST pp)…

Wow, this was amazing.  My result was so… completely me, I could look back through my whole life and see that whenever I was unhappy or feeling “off-path” I was not in harmony with my resulting core values.  I can’t believe how clear it is…  This was magical, and truly is a tool I will use for the rest of my life.  Very special!

Katie D.

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As I was driving home last night the revelations just kept coming…  I am so grateful for this experience.  This workshop has just cleared up so many things for me, and made me reevaluate myself and where I am going.  I know how to BE an authentic ME now…

Heather T.