Are you feeling Stuck?

Apparently Stuck is a feeling?!  I certainly know that I have been there before – a few too many times.  How about you?

The question I get the most is  – how do I get “unstuck”?  For me the answer is always to go inside of my Self and to go out of the influence of what other people think, feel and expect  –  to do my own work.   To do that,  I use Energy Work to release myself from whatever I am stuck in and then Meditation to fill the energetic void I just created.  I make it sound so easy, right!

For me it has become easier because I am in deep LOVE with Energy Work.  I have so much personal experience as both the ‘releaser of  crap’ as well as the ‘facilitator of releasing crap’, with/for others, that it is a challenge for me to realize that everyone does not feel the exact same way I do about energy work.  Reiki has been my go to for nearly 12 years.  It has created for me a strong, safe and beautiful foundation for Personal, Professional and Spiritual development and growth.  I am so grateful to my Mother, Shari Hartry and my mentor Andrea Connell, for gifting me their love for and knowledge of Usui Teate Reiki – and for metaphysics in general.  I have been witness to and instrumental in the transformative moments of over 1000 clients over the last 8 years.  Such a gift to be in my purposefulness.

This past year, April 2015 through to April 2016, has been a big year of releasing crap, owning my Truth and, without any fear, stepping into my own light.  My biggest transformation to date yet.  Woohoo.

A few weeks ago I was gifted with inspiration from the wise and amazing Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown when she planted the BEAM seed in my mind.  BEAM is an energetic treatment based in Emotional Homeopathy that literally (and I do mean, from my very own experiences, literally…) washes away the emotional trauma that is and has been influencing our negative beliefs, unhealthy attachments and destructive dysfunctional thought patterns.  LAYER by icky layer.  What I love about BEAM is that it easily accesses our Higher Self (even when we do not even know what that means!) to subconsciously clear away blocks, trauma and emotional pain – all of the stuff that Psychologist call neurosis.  What this means is that experiencing “results” (for you left brainer’s) or “influential releases” (for you spiritual or right brain folks) does NOT require that you have to agree to let go of what you no longer need,  that you do not have to even be aware of what you are specifically letting go of  AND that you don’t even have to talk about it if you do not want to!  Shaaaaaaazam!!!

Byron Katie says that:

“Trauma is nothing more
than being stuck in what you believe“

We all have emotional trauma.  And we all get stuck in it!

Unfortunately there are times that that we believe being stuck  is our Truth.  It is NOT – we have simply allowed outside influences and experiences to label us as stuck.  And then we actually call ourselves, by placing these labels on our own chests, like calling ourselves depression instead of  depressed, anxiety ridden, full of pain, completely stressed out!  This is NOT the Truth – it is merely our current reality – the place that we find we are stuck in.  But it is not our truth.  These labels, become beliefs about who we truly are and they start to rob us of who we really want to be.  We are not depression, we are not anxiety, we are not chronic pain and we are not stress.  They are outside of who we really are.  They are all side effects of the negative energy we have unwittingly  created in our lives by not making Self aware, conscious decisions that are in our highest good; it is not WHO WE ARE it is simply how we are reacting to each scene, scenario, situation, person, place and thing that we are in contact with.  And, here is the best news of all… it does not have to be OUR reality any longer IF we would just get to a safe place within our lives where our emotional traumas no longer control us, have control over us or are not the controlling factors of our daily existence.

~ letting go versus holding on…

The Big Question is ‘Are you being WHO do you want to be everyday or are you negatively influenced by your Emotions ~ Fear, Anger, Grief, Shame, Blame, Denial and/or Guilt?’

Every single moment cannot be good.  We have to have bad to understand good.  However, Good and Bad are simply judgement calls in relation to our perception of a particular scene, situation, scenario, person, place or thing based on how … wait for it… based on how WE FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES!

We DO NOT have to react or participate in the ‘bad’ stuff – we are choosing to do that!  Just like we do not have to participate or react to the good stuff.  I choose that – every single time.  That is the biggest aha moment I can give  to you – You are choosing to see the bad or to not see the good. I choose, by making a conscious effort, to see the good in every situation.  To find my centre of gratitude.  Is this always easy – hell NO!  But I have done enough work that it comes as second nature – so that most of the time I am feeling pretty awesome.

If you are not feeling AWESOME most of the time – even when bad stuff is happening around you – then it is very likely that one or more of the above emotions have a hold over you.

Doing the Work

What do I mean by doing the work, you may be asking?  Our ‘work’ is to uncover who we truly are and then create who we want to be.  [read Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsh to really understand what this means].  Doing the work means discovering the triggers that keep you STUCK – to see your emotional demons.  Doing the work means to courageously look for and uncover the answers to questions like:

1.) what I am most afraid of? [FEAR]

2.)  what makes me so angry [BLAME & GUILT] and why am I so angry about it? [GRIEF & DENIAL]

3.)  why do I feel like I am not worthy ? [SHAME]; and

4.)  why do I feel so alone? [Disillusionment & Disconnection]

This is not a walk in the park for most people and it certainly wasn’t for me – as I did a lot of it on my own – unable to ask for help at the time.  Here is the thing –  if you think it is hard or impossible – then guess what?  It will be both hard and impossible.  If you believe that it can’t be done then allow me to shift you perspective ever so slightly  – I did it… SO CAN YOU! [ see my story on the website or email me and we can chat].  If you have hope then that is all that you need to get started.  I will hand hope out by the bucket loads!

How did I do it? Well, over the last 10 years I have put tools in my ‘toolbox for life’ that help me to cope when negative influences effect me.  My tools (these DO NOT have to be your tools) include yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, Reiki and now BEAM.  I spend time reading, getting out in nature and being with the people that I love.  I know my emotional triggers (well, at least the big ones) and they are no longer my enemies – they are my trusted friends and support system. I continue to do the work – nurturing my body, mind and spirit in ways that feel good for me and I constantly give myself permission to release the negative crap that I accidentally pick up every day from influential others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it is really this easy?  If, you are nodding your head – please take a moment to take a deep breath in, say out loud…  ” Wouldn’t it be nice if it is really this easy? ” and just release that intention into your world!  Get started, any way that you have to, in order to LET GO of what is not serving your highest Good!  Let go of your fear, anger, shame, blame, guilt and denial.

Please know that, as per usual, I am ALWAYS here when you need me.

~ Traci