women are most empowered, vibrant & healthy when they are active, contributing members of a positive & flourishing tribe with other women  who are like-minded & who are willing to give a hand up, with open hearts.


The Empowerment Series for Women is an informative, interactive and very affordable group Energy Work & Education membership. It is a safe, dynamic and inspirational space for you to gather with other like minded woman to share your experiences, learn tools to make happiness an ease and to heal the wounds that have caused suffering and have harmed you in the past.

These classes were originally created to make these much needed services more affordable to those who need to heal and care for themselves more often than every now and then.  With Professional Guidance, you are immersed into a world where inward awareness and outward success can be the natural experiences of your everyday.

Each regularly programmed $15+HST drop in class is a part of our empowerment series membership.  That means that you can take any one of these classes an unlimited number of times in each given month for a singular discounted rate.  There are over 44 classes on the schedule each month – yoga, meditation, reiki precepts, empath support and soul healing  – all designed to teach you Self Awareness without judgement.  All for as low as $129+HST with a monthly commitment for a 1 year term!




FOUR times weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 10am – 11:30am, join Traci Trimble, a Doctor of Energy Medicine, for a 30 minute healing circle sharing session, a 30 minute lesson on Self Awareness without judgement, followed by a 25 minute session of a healing Guided mystical meditation focused on Grounding, Opening & Connecting to Universal Life Force Energy.

Come to just these classes with an unlimted access pass by joining the Unlimited Meditation Membership (just $40 +HST per month) or simply come when you need a group setting (drop in for $15 cash).  Get what you need to find your inner zen at home on your own.

These sessions are for women over the age of 16.




Each yoga class  has a specific style and teacher, however, every class is designed to bring you closer to Self Awareness from the perspective of your body and your breath….

Mondays 8:45am; 1 hour; Tatum Potter  INTENTIONAL YOGA
In this HATHA class Tatum will intuitively connect to each students body to prepare a practice perfect for everyone.  This class will focus on setting intentions to move through each week and will include a meditative

Thursday 5:15pm; 1 hour; Tatum Potter  BODY SPEAK YOGA
In this yin class you will surrender into the postures for up to 3 or 5 minutes connecting the breath to the body in order to know what your body is trying to tell you

Friday 12pm; 45 minutes; Traci Trimble  RAJA YOGA
In this class your eyes will be closed as you flow through a guided meditation that will incorporate postures from both Hatha and Yin yoga in order to prepare your body for longer duration of meditation

For only $15+HST you can drop in.



This 90 minute session takes place every Monday night at 6pm and is lead by Traci Trimble, PhD who guides you through the Art of Meditation as a tool for Self Awareness without judgement.  The first hour is learning techniques for Self Awareness and discussing the purposefulness of Meditation from a Metaphysical perspective. The last 30 minutes is a healing guided meditation session designed specifically for Self Awareness.

For only $15+HST you are guaranteed to expand your awareness and capabilities in realm of true Self Care.  This is a group session; men are welcome; it discussion and education based; YOU MUST pre-register and pay to hold your space.  Please dress comfortably.



This 90 minute session takes place every Monday night at 7:45pm and is lead by Traci Trimble, PhD who guides you through the Precepts prescribed by USUI TEATE REIKI.  This program runs in 6 week cycles, however, there is no manual or agenda other then the topic. The first hour is studying the precept and developing tools to live in Self Awareness. The last 25 minutes is a reiki share circle.


week 1: overview of the Precepts and how to implement them to empower your life
week 2: Just for today, I will to not worry
week 3: Just for today, I will to not anger
week 4: Just for today, I will to be grateful and humble
week 5: Just for today, I will to do my work honestly
week 6: Just for today, I will to be kind and compassionate with myself and others

Important Note: you MUST have been Reiki attuned to attend these classes as there is a Reiki share; this is a women only event

For only $15+HST you can drop in.



This 90 minute session takes place every Thursday night at 6:30pm and is lead by Tatum Potter who teaches you exactly what it means to be an empatth, how to navigate the outside world from this perception of life and how to protect yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  Tatum guides you through the tools to support you in moving through this truth – each week is a different topic.

For only $15+HST you can drop in.



Coming soon will be additional daytime and evening offerings of Meditation; stay tuned!!

For only $15+HST you can drop in.

For as low as $129+HST* a month gives you access to all 44+ classes… that’s right any Empowerment Series Programming of your choice, any day you choose to gift yourself love ~ making Self Care & Healing accessible for every women in Durham Region…


*membership is $159+HST monthly unless you commit to an annual subscription that come directly from your PayPal account or credit card








Hi Traci, wanted to say thank you for suggesting the group, really enjoyed it and felt not so “crazy” after all lol. You are great at what you do!

~ Kathy, from Whitby

Thank you for teaching me and guiding me and showing me the possibility of peacefulness.  My question was: How is it that an hour listening to someone else speak, in a dark room full of strangers, can I be so relaxed and feel like I know peace; yet in my real life I just don’t get meditation?

~ Melanie, Ajax

Thank you for this group, Traci.  I was looking forward to learning more about Reiki.  I had no idea that it would be like that.  I am looking forward to doing that again.

~ Alison, Port Perry

What you believe about yourself is effecting you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – more than anything else in life you meet, for the greatest encounter in life, is when man comes face to face with himself.

~ IMM; Dr. Paul Masters