You started your business with a vision…

Is that vision manifesting for you???


As a business owner, we focus on showing the world our success.  But many entrepreneurs feel stressed,

overworked and fatigued. It’s possible to rekindle your passion for your business.  Refocus, create the

balance that is right for you and then gain the momentum that will inspire you once again. As a business

owner myself, I know that your challenges are not signs of failure.  They are the bumps and curve-balls

that prompt us to evolve.  I offer my clients a judgement-free space where they can get support from

someone who has been there.  You can fall back in love with your business, grow your client base and find

balance in your personal life.  Get your business back in alignment with what you want for yourself. I know

this is possible… I have done it for myself.  Now, let me guide you to do the same!

~ Traci Trimble, M.Msc

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When I reached out to Traci I was feeling overwhelmed, uncertain of my next step, and ready to give up on what I thought was my dream. Traci has helped me realize the truth about the path I actually wanted to be on and has helped me set myself up to begin that journey. I can’t even explain the lighteness that comes with that realization. I never wanted to just ‘do’ life or ‘do’ business, I want to be in it, living and learning all the way. Traci has not only helped me to feel passionate about my dream again, but she has inspired and supported a deep exploration of myself. I feel fully equipped to take on a new adventure! 🙂 Thank you Traci! I highly recommend Traci’s self-empowerment coaching as well as her Conscious Entrepreneur program. ~ Tracey Haug


help advice support

Are you a Small Business owner
or an Independent Contractor

who desires to create a Conscious,  Spiritually Connected
and Financially Rewarding business?

…then YES;  IT is for you!


While you are actively engaged in both business development and self growth it can be a confusing process as you challenge your values and beliefs to truly “BE” the person you were meant to be; often it can be difficult to motivate yourself.

It does not have to be “hard”.

Let me tell you I know the hard way ~ I have been an Entrepreneur most of my life.  For 8 years, I was the Founder and Executive Director of the Tranquil Garden – an 8000 person wellbeing community, day spa and holistic treatment Centre in Oshawa On, Canada.  It is my experience as both a holistic practitioner and an entrepreneur that has made me very determined to teach you to build a solid foundation for both yourself and your business.  It is my passion to help make it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

You are not alone!






  • increased confidence
  • aids in identifying personal development growth opportunities
  • excellent tool for self discovery
  • provides an accountability partner to motivate and encourage
  • facilitates new behaviors for business growth

BUY NOW ~ Business Empowerment Coaching:

1 hour ($85); one-on-one
90 minute ($129); one-on-one
6 week package ($475)
4 week/ 24 hour/ 8 Module Foundations Program ($699); max 6 ppl

LEARN MORE about the Foundations Program called Conscious Entrepreneur


spiritual guide

Are you open to re-discovering
your true and Authentic Self,
Ready to trust your intuition
and to develop the skills 
required to
connect to your Higher Self?

… then YES; IT is for you!  


I am passionate about guiding YOU to rediscover, create and maintain your own spiritual path.  Not only am I an Empowerment Coach, I am also an Energy Worker certified both as a Usui Reiki Shinpinden® (Master Teacher) and as a BioEnergetic Therapist.  In addition, I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church out of Modesto California. For the past 10 years I have been inspired to teach adults in the ways of spiritual connection to ones higher Self through understanding Universal Life Force energy, the Chakra System, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Sessions may include yet are not limited to  discussion, seminar, oracle readings and channeling.  These sessions takes place while engaged in conversation and/or activity.





  • Sustainable Connection to your Higher Self
  • Building Trust in your own intuition
  • A sense of Peace and Joy in everyday life
  • Self Awareness

BUY NOW ~ Spiritual Empowerment Coaching:

1 hour ($85); one-on-one
90 minute ($129); one-on-one
6 week package @ 60 mins ($475)

I teach a very several very empowering and educational Spiritual Development programs including:

– 4 week/13 hour program on “Understanding the 4 Levels of Self Awareness”
– 8 week/24 hour program on “Understanding the Chakras”
– Monthly Energy Circle discussion group

I am also the author of the forth coming educational book called “4 Levels of Self Awareness ~ A Guide to an Empowered Life.”





Are you feeling stuck, alone
and at your wits end?
Do you feel like
no matter what you do
nothing seems to get better?
Is Enough ~ ENOUGH?

… then YES;  IT is for you!  


I have been there!  I have over 20 years of both personal and professional experience in understanding, treating and transforming mental health issues like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, emotional stress and fatigue into Self Awareness.  I have developed easy to use tools that worked for me; and now share them to teach you to transition your stress into balance.

In these interactive discussion sessions, I incorporate channeling your body energy, Reiki and traditional talk therapy to create a better understanding of the issue(s) that you are currently experiencing and then assist You in shifting your body, mind and spirit to a more positive, higher vibration.  This new perspective helps you to decide how to fix what you are having challenge with and helps you to release the things you cannot fix.





Deals with:

  • Feelings of self doubt, frustration, fog and indecision
  • Chronic pain & related ailments
  • Depression and/or Anxiety
  • Mental, Physical & Emotional Stress
  • Chakra Balancing

BUY NOW ~ Talk Therapy Empowerment Coaching:

1 hour ($85); one-on-one
90 minute ($129); one-on-one
6 week package @ 60 mins per session ($475)

Group sessions are available for a minimum of 4 participants @ $30 per hour/per person

I love your style of connecting to clients using a holistic approach.  I feel that I am great at Inspiring myself and have the passion behind my business,  but I also feel that having a mentor to bounce my ideas off of is invaluable to my growth as a coach and therefore in turn benefit my future clients.

Angie, Whitby ON

Growth Coach

[Traci’s]… intuitiveness is astounding and ability to cut to the crux of your situation is …something I don’t really have words for. Most importantly, she is able to help shift your thinking to understanding and seeing what the real problem is not “what you believe” the problem is. This is key to healing or bringing you to the next level. Krystn, Oshawa, ON


I have such clarity and am so much more creative when I make time for my Talk Therapy sessions.  I finally have my depression under control without medication.  Thank you for introducing me to Reiki, Traci.  It has changed my life. 


Erica, Brooklin, ON

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