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Date(s) - Friday, October 11, 2019
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Centre for Healing Breath ~ 2A


Vipassana ~ Honouring Noble Silence

English: insight, clear-seeing                                      2nd Friday Monthly from 1pm – 3pm

Sanskrit: विपश्यना; (vipaśyanā)

Vipassanā is a Buddhist practice of honouring the noble silence of True Self – Soul & Ego in harmony as one from within the body.

Like any meditation technique, the purpose of Vipassana is to create awareness. Awareness of the deep mind or deep consciousness, through practice of choiceless observation through maintaining a state of equanimity through the experiences in the practice itself.

In this 2-hour session, we will NOT be in a traditional state of vipassana where there is no movement of the body or mind.

For today, it matters not whether you choose to keep your eyes open (outer awareness) or closed (inner awareness). It matters not if you are in traditional meditation, journaling or moving through asanas (yoga poses).  All that matters is that you are honouring noble silence in order to create awareness.

This practice is not as easy as it sounds so please give it and your Self a chance.  You are welcome to leave anytime… however, the benefits of sticking it out are worth it.


  • A journal
  • A vessel for water
  • A yoga mat (we do have mats, blankets, bolsters, meditation cushions & blocks)
  • A sweater and slippers


  • No technology; no exceptions – shut your cell phone off or leave them in the car please, vibrations are heard and felt;
  • No talking – at all!  Seriously.
  • No eating; drinking is fine; water is available on site

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