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 With hundreds of hours of recorded complimentary content you are able to get to know Traci on a deeper more personal level all while you learn, share & heal.  Although the content below is taken from Traci’s Facebook Live sessions, you will also find content from her International Radio show at Inspired Choices Network that is called Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD  on her Youtube channel.

 “I know you that you will find what you need;  from within a single nugget of wisdom every thing can shift… Enjoy!”
~ Traci

In 2018, Traci recorded 42 episodes of ‘Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD’ on the international Radio platform called Inspired Choices Network. In 2020,  Traci launched a FREE Facebook Community called Exploring Energy Medicine where she drops short video nuggets at least 3 times per week – these nuggets of wisdom are from her mini-series programs or directly from her Self Awareness Academy Membership.  



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The Courage to Really Love Yourself

What really is the purpose of all of this strategic self awareness? Well, when we you have the ability to deeply know yourself, to have trust & faith in your highest Self then you have developed the courage to really love yourself. Join Traci Trimble, PhD over the next 9 weeks as dives into the chakra system as a tool to deeply know yourself, to be in love with who you are and most importantly to develop the courage to really love yourself… your shadow and your light!

An Abundance of Love & Light

As Spiritual Beings we are the light; however as human beings we have free will and autonomy – so we are of both light and shadow. In order to keep the balance within us, we must be able to cultivate the capacity to open our hearts to both love and forgiveness. This is HEART chakra, a space where Soul and Ego commune in both the light and the shadow to create abundance. Without this abundance of love and forgiveness we tend to hold space for sadness, grief and a perceived sense of loss of Self. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as we discuss in detail the energy of HEART chakra.

Self Esteem & Will Power

The experience of Self Love, esteem and will power come from the capacity to live in an emotional space where we are comfortable in our truth. This is SOLAR chakra, a space where when we know who we are and who we want to be it is easy to love our Self deeply and unconditionally. However, without Self Love we are easily consumed by thoughts and words that are simply not true, that create within us shame, anger and a deep sense of lack of both worthiness and abundance. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as we discuss in detail the energy of SOLAR chakra.