You are investing in a better you… and yes, you are worth it!  Determine what service you need and then how long you would like the session to be…

Where to start:

I highly recommend starting with the 45 minutes complimentary session.  It is a powerful and empowering session that will not only gift you some life altering information but it will also give us the chance to figure out the right treatment protocol for you.  Yes, there is NO charge for this appointment.  It can be live or online…


A 60 minute appointment is:

  • perfect for Energy Work (Reiki & Chakra Balancing) or Talk Therapy/ Metaphysical Counseling
  • all subsequent BETR sessions after the 1st discovery session which MUST be 90 minutes
  • okay for Business Coaching; However, I would recommend 90 minutes

A 90 minute appointment is best if:

  • you want to combine Energy work with Metaphysical Counseling (Talk Therapy, Spiritual Guidance) and/or Business Coaching
  • you are doing Business Coaching around a long term plan
  • it is your first BETR session, you must book 90 minutes; if you are booking DAS (Discover Authentic Self)

I will HIGHLY recommend PACKAGES if you have an issue or a challenge that you are looking to work through; especially for BETR, Talk Therapy/Metaphysical Counseling and/or Business Coaching.  One session is a great start but it most likely will not resolve anything – better to save money upfront.  If you book a single appointment then decide to get a package, that first session WILL NOT be applied to a package after the session booking.

note: Packages will never expire.  We track your sessions for you.

60 minutes

$129 + HST

90 minutes

$190 + HST

How to Purchase a Package...

You can purchase your package at your first appointment if (a) it is a live session, and (b) you want to pay cash or credit card.  You can purchase immediately by using PayPal or E-transfer by sending it to Traci’s email address.  If your appointment is via Zoom/phone you MUST purchase in advance.  All Zoom/phone appointments will receive an invoice within 24 hours of booking.  Payment must be received prior to the appointment date and time or the appointment is NOT guaranteed.  After a session is completed and paid for it will NOT be available to be applied to a package.

BETR 5 package


  • 90 minutes for the first session; 4 sessions of 60 minutes
  • save $131
  • $575 + HST
  • accept all major credit cards, Paypal, E-transfer, cash
  • never expires

Soul Healing Protocol
  • 5 BETR sessions, Discover Authentic Self, Reiki 1st Degree certification, Self Mastery Program
  • save $295
  • $1729 + HST
  • accept all major credit cards, Paypal, E-transfer, cash
  • never expires


Book, cancel or reschedule your appointment online!  It’s Fast & Easy…

Simply click on the heart to the left; You will be taken to the booking calendar – pick any dark blue time slot and proceed through the booking process.  If you have questions, concerns or ideas, please do not hesitate to EMAIL me.

~  Traci