Metaphysics, in the most simplest of explanations, is the science of Self Love.  Through a deep Spiritual connection that utilizes the power of Energy Medicine as the medium for healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the bioenegetic field. It is the science behind the answers to the questions every single individual will eventually have the courage to ask as they seek out their True Nature – as they begin to examine their own life and reason why they are here in this place and time…

  • who am I?
  • who do I want to be?
  • am I being that?
  • why am I here?
  • what value do I have?
  • what is my purpose?
  • what is wrong with me?

According to Dr. Paul Masters, metaphysics answers questions regarding the relationship between man, the mind and the Universe. It provides us with the tools required to find these answers within our own selves, to have the ability to cope with day to day life and thrive in BOTH one’s Inner and Outer environment.

Traditionally, when such a desire to know your truth arises it often comes in the form a perceived mental illness like depression, anxiety and/or chronic pain.  It has been proven, in traditional North American medicine, that over 70% of all ailments are psychosomatic – “in the mind” – a physical illness with a mental cause, as opposed to an organic cause.  It is at this time that most of us either turn to Psychology or Religion for the answers.  However, if we are unable to trust either of these institutions we often flounder because we are unaware of Metaphysics when it comes to dealing with “neurosis”.


If you, much like 94% of the population of North America, have challenges in your life like stress related illness, depression, anxiety and/or chronic pain then you are affected by what has been labelled “neurosis”.

In the most simplistic of terms, not to be mistaken with simplifying mental illness at all, someone who has a challenge with their exterior environment is one with a gap between their true sense of Self (identity) and identifying, in a positive manner, with the symbols that represent good or bad in the exterior surroundings – relationships, career, family and society in general.  If someone is  unable to cope with life and finds it too difficult to exist peacefully they will often retreat within  themselves.  Without the proper navigational system,  going within can be a very scary place that creates opportunities for escapism (living in a fantasy world), isolation from others and defense mechanisms like hostility, anger, game playing and antisocial behaviour.

Psychology & Metaphysics

Psychology has been explained as the relationship between the mind and the body; a very powerful tool for dealing with Neurosis.  Whereas, Metaphysics, is explained as the relationship between the mind, the body and spirit. In my opinion, metaphysics not only provides tools for coping with neurosis but it also has the potential for eliminating the root cause of much of the mental, emotional and physical challenges that we suffer through by creating a bonded connection with Spirituality and with one’s Higher Self.

Spirituality vs Religion

Far too often Spirituality is confused with Religion. Even more often, individuals have somehow been traumatized by the confusing “rules” of Religion.  In my opinion, religion is an institution whereas Spirituality is your own true connection to Source – however that looks and feels for you to be complete.

Traci Trimble, Metaphysician ~ Your Spiritual Guide

The work of the Metaphysician, and in my case, as your Spiritual Guide, is to bring you to this knowledge.  The knowledge of  inner awareness and to the relationship that you establish with your inner mind, your Source, your Higher Self.

As a Spiritual Guide, Metaphysics it is my passion; As a student working on completing my Doctorate of Metaphysical Counselling,  I am “ethically bound to help people find their Higher Self, their own truth within themselves and to remove the cause of their neurosis through establishing a sense of connection to both one’s inner environment and outer environment in order to improve health, prosperity and the quality of life.” ~ International Metaphysical Ministry