A Masterclass & Complimentary Consultation


3 part process:
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* Watch Video
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This is where I always recommend that we begin. First, it is complimentary and second… it is truly life-altering if you are ready to live your best life.

First, in the 39 minute masterclass video I will share with you the story of Original Trauma, discuss the contract I believe that we all agreed to with Source; when  you book your appointment,  I will ask energetically move into your bioenergetic field to reveal to you the hidden poisonous habits and beliefs created by your original trauma that have been controlling and compelling your perception of reality for your entire life and share with you exactly how I will support you.

All without any obligation to you! 


If you’ve tried, and seem to have failed, time and time again to get your anxiety,panic and/or depression under control, and to STAY focused on making your life work… you may be feeling a bit frustrated, to say the least.

I totally get it. I lived in that really scary, raw, totally vulnerable position for the first 35 years of my life…

Just wanting to prove to the world (and yourself) that you can beat this.

You’re finally ready to go all in… 

But you notice doubt trickling in.

“Can I really beat Anxiety? Panic? Depression?”

“It seems like I am going to be stuck in this suffering for the rest of my life.”

“I don’t know how to do this – WHERE do I even begin?”

There’s something you WILL LEARN in the story I will tell you – from the story of the Divine Assignment – this suffering, this was NEVER meant to be your story.  You stole these deep-seated, non-beneficial energies called your FEAR stories from generations of HURT people – your grandparents and your parents. 

I cannot emphasize how very important it is that you to KNOW your specific FEAR stories, so that you can take YOUR true story, your life, back!

Repeating the same actions expecting a different result is a waste of time.  The band-aid solutions of the past are slowly stealing your Light.

That’s why I do what I do… 

Because I know, from personal experience, how important it is to have an Expert to help you to get the results you want and deserve; but also to give you the accountability needed to heal yourself from the pain and suffering.

Taking back control of your FEAR story doesn’t need to be as hard as it may seem right now. There are so many resources and paths available to you!  However, before that can truly happen… you have to KNOW your FEAR stories.

The ONLY way to STOP anxiety and depression from controlling and compelling you without your awareness is to KNOW your fear stories.  Knowing your fear stories means that you can set yourself up for success. Not knowing the true name of this trauma energy is the reason why nothing that you have tried before has had lasting results. 

Which is why I am personally inviting you to schedule your Complimentary Soul Healing Information session with me and Allison, so you can start to move through all of the HURT and truly create the life you want!

In the Soul Healing Information session, you will receive:

  • the EXACT name of your FEAR stories; and a recording of the reading itself
  • The details of your specific DIVINE ASSIGNMENT – are you here on a task or a mission?  Are you masculine or feminine energy?  And, how is that you were meant to be navigating this world from a place of in alignment
  • the reasons WHY nothing you have tried before has worked for you
  • how I am going to support you on your Spiritual Journey to Self Awareness without Judgement

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Traci Trimble, PhD