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Self Awareness without Judgement with Traci Trimble, PhD

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

In energy medicine it is believed that depression, anxiety, acute stress and chronic pain are all effects of Soul and Ego in chaos. Did you know that such Spiritual disconnection leads to mental neurosis? This in turn creates emotional turmoil and that is what causes our physical discomfort and/or dysfunction. Imagine that there is truth in this! So again, we ask… Are you sick and tired of felling sick and tired? What if, through Self Awareness (without judgement), you were able to find an easy peaceful and empowering way to experience this space and time called Human Being?

Traci is a Metaphysician in the field of Energy Medicine. Her passion is teaching Self Awareness. Her gift is seeing through the layers of your bioenergetic field where non-beneficial energy gets block and to realign the bioenergetic field – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is how the Body, Soul and Ego realignment therefore returning you to your natural state of Spiritual wholeness in this Human Experience. Her super power is the capacity to hear the voice of your Soul Energy. Her purpose is to guide Soul and Ego back into harmony through both educational and treatment processes.

Join Traci each week for an hour of Exploring the Reconnection of Soul & Ego through Metaphysics, Energy Medicine, Self Awareness and Self Care. This interactive, educational session is designed to guide, teach, heal and support you on your journey to your True Path. Are you ready?


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November 1, 2019 ~ Our base fears; Anger & Worry

In order to be truly Self aware we must first understand our base fears that control and compel our subconscious behavior so that we are capable of doing our own work honestly. Join Traci Trimble, PhD, as she delves into the lowest vibrations of our base fears – anger and worry. By understanding our base fears and their natural effects on you then you easily leveled up to a higher vibration!

November 8th ~ Silence as Medicine; Introducing Vipassana

Imagine that the Universe provides us with all of the natural medicine we need. One such naturecuetical is Silence. Yes, Silence as Medicine. When we have the capacity to remain in the present moment we are connected to our thoughts and feelings… we are Self Aware. Silence as Medicine has many forms. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she introduces you to Silence as Medicine through the practice of Vipassana, discusses gratitude and explores doing your work honestly.

November 15 ~ Creating space for Self Exploration

As a Self Awareness strategy, specifically focused on knowing not only who we are but also cultivating exactly who we want to be, it is imperative that we are creating space for Self Exploration. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as discusses the 4 most powerful ways of creating space for self exploration – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

November 22 ~ Trust and Faith from Within

As simply human, we tend to require external proof of our value or to support our belief system. However, as Spiritual Beings having a human experience we tend to choose to create trust & faith from within. Join Traci Trimble PhD as she delves deeper into trust & faith from within, why it is an essential component of Self Awareness and how to create space for trust & faith to thrive.

November 29 ~ Developing Spiritual Character

If our truth is that we are indeed Spiritual Beings having a human experience then it stands to reason that we are here, in this space and time, to better ourselves; to learn, share, heal and grow. What better way to be on purpose then to commit to developing our Spiritual Character. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she breaks down the 5 Reiki Precepts as a road map to developing Spiritual Character.

December 6 ~ The disease of Spiritual Bypassing

As we become more Self Aware, we, too, become more Spiritual in nature. However, if we choose Spiritual, especially the more Western varieties, without Self Awareness then we can often find ourselves bypassing the truth of Spiritual Being having a human experience. We get caught up in judgement, criticism and lack of compassion. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as we discuss the importance of being both Spiritual and Self Aware without judgement and criticism as well as the power of compassion and kindness to others but also to Self.

December 13 ~ The Courage to Really Love Yourself

What really is the purpose of all of this strategic self awareness? Well, when we you have the ability to deeply know yourself, to have trust & faith in your highest Self then you have developed the courage to really love yourself. Join Traci Trimble, PhD over the next 9 weeks as dives into the chakra system as a tool to deeply know yourself, to be in love with who you are and most importantly to develop the courage to really love yourself…

your shadow and your light!

December 20 ~ Spiritual Safety, Security & Support

A true knowing of safety, security and support must come from within our own Self not garnered from outside influential others. This is ROOT chakra energy and is cultivated through being grounded in the now, knowing oneself and trusting that you have everything that you need to thrive. Without a strong ROOT chakra we are often spiritually disconnected and have fear around the basic human competencies like financial scarcity and relationship dependencies. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as we discuss in detail the energy medicine of ROOT chakra

December 27 ~ Soul's Passion & Creativity

Developing a strong sense of passion and creativity gifts us the power to find solutions to any challenge with grace and ease. This is SACRAL chakra energy and is all about empowering your Self to live your life on purpose. Without a strong SACRAL chakra we are easily caught up in the games of guilt and blame, never really taking ownership for our own stories and/or taking on way to much responsibility for others. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as we discuss in detail the energy of SACRAL chakra.

January 3rd ~ Self Love, Esteem and Will Power

The expereince of Self Love, esteem and wil power come from the capacity to live in an emotional space where we are comfortable in our truth. This is SACRAL chakra, a space where when we know who we are and who we want to be it is easy to love our Self deeply and unconditionally. However, without Self Love we are easily consumed by thoughts and words that are simply not true, that create within us shame, annger and a deep sense of lack of both worthiness and abundance. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as we discuss in detail the energy of SOLAR chakra.

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Inspired Choice Network ~ Radio Show

I am so excited to have embarked on this, the next and most exciting journey of being a Teacher… my weekly 50 minute global radio show called Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD.  It is live on Friday afternoons at 1pm EST on Inspired Choices Network. Every session is it’s own powerful and empowering lesson; however, if you listen in the order they are presented (from the bottom to top) there is an ongoing in depth training in Self Awareness without judgement.

It is podcasted on over 20 venues including iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and GooglePlay.  Best part of all… it is FREE!

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Inaugural show - Exploring Energy Healing
January 25th ~ Synchronicities

Last session, Traci Trimble, PhD began to open our mind’s eye to the possibility of creating, living and maintaining our own stories through paying attention to the Synchronicities. This week we will discuss in greater detail how we can use these luminosities to guide, teach and heal ourselves.

Synchronicities ~ Traci Trimble, PhD



January 11th ~ Evolving Strategically

Traci Trimble, PhD is always talking about Self Awareness without judgement. Well, in 2019, let’s take it up a notch… let’s talk about creating a life plan around strategic self awareness that is focused on being aware of exactly who it is that we want to be most of the time; we will call it Strategic Self Awareness.

Evolving Strategically ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

January 4th ~ New Year, New You

Did you know that making new year resolutions is one of the leading causes of stress and resulting depression? Yep, we create evidence that we are not good enough when we disappoint ourselves or worse betray our resolutions. Let’s not do that this year. Instead of resolving to do better let’s actually BE better. Join, Traci Trimble, PhD as she sets up her own New Year goals. 

New Year; New YOU! ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

January 18th ~ Paying Attention

If we are to evolve out of “everything happening to us” and into “creating the life we desire”, then we are going to have to start paying attention to the synchronicities and illuminations. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she shares the idea that the Universe is indeed guiding us in subtle and mysterious ways – we need only to start paying attention!


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