I am so excited to have embarked on this, the next and most exciting journey of being a Teacher… my weekly 50 minute global radio show called Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD.  It is live on Friday afternoons at 1pm EST on Inspired Choices Network. Every session is it’s own powerful and empowering lesson; however, if you listen in the order they are presented (from the bottom to top) there is an ongoing in depth training in Self Awareness without judgement.

It is podcasted on over 20 venues including iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and GooglePlay.  Best part of all… it is FREE!

Inaugural show - Exploring Energy Healing

January 4th ~ New Year, New You

Did you know that making new year resolutions is one of the leading causes of stress and resulting depression? Yep, we create evidence that we are not good enough when we disappoint ourselves or worse betray our resolutions. Let’s not do that this year. Instead of resolving to do better let’s actually BE better. Join, Traci Trimble, PhD as she sets up her own New Year goals. 

New Year; New YOU! ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

December 21 ~ Physical Ways to Create Spiritual Muscles

The easiest way to create new habits is to do one small thing consistently every single day – a practice of sorts – that gets us to exactly where (or to who) we were meant to be. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she shares her daily practices for developing strong and toned Spiritual Muscles.

Physical Ways to Create Spiritual Muscles ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

December 14th ~ Little Soul & the Sun

Neal Donald Walsh wrote a beautiful child’s’ parable to accompany his great work called “Conversations with God.” Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she reads this parable and shares the connection to several key topics of awareness including but not limited to “Perfectly Perfect,” “Our Contract” and “Doing Your work Honestly”.

Little Soul & the Sun ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

December 7th ~ Answering Audience Questions

This week Traci Trimble PhD will be answering some of the most popular questions that have been sent in by audience members over the past several months.

Answering Audience Questions ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

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