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In its most simplistic form Self Mastery is the consistent single-minded act of being your best possible Self.  It is an active and a conscious awareness of knowing exactly who you want to be and how you make that happen – daily.
However, you will only know ‘who’ it is that you want to be once you have taken a deep dive into each of the areas of life that are the most important to you; only then will you have discovered and/or experienced what is not working for you, what is working for you and what really does not matter in the big scheme of things.
The challenge is that most of us buy into the “biggest lie” of all… this is as good as it gets.  If your life is not exactly the way you want it to be most of the time then it is likely that you have either bought into the lie fully or in some varying degree.
Self Mastery Program is a process of reprogramming all the things you have been told that you have to have, be or do in order to fit in, be accepted, feel worthy by the grace of others.  It is time to program your Self to your specific needs, wants and desires – based on what feels right for you not what works best for others.  There is a humourous saying  “If mama’s happy then everyone is happy”.  That is true.  If the strongest force in your family (in your body) is happy, fulfilled and empowered then guess what is consistently being drawn to you… that’s right, happy!

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