All of my programs are educational opportunities that focus on travelling your True Path – a sacred space where your personal Ego Self and your Soul, your Universal Self, exist in harmony. These programs are specifically designed, tested and evaluated to enhance the your opportunity to learn, to share, heal, grow and prosper. Anyone interested in both Inner Awareness & Outward Success will find great benefit personally, professionally AND spiritually.


It is all about developing your Spiritual Awareness, specifically it is about building
“Inner Awareness & Outward Success”.


As a result of my love for teaching, I have conceived, created and I execute all of the programs that I am currently offering –  with the exception to Usui Teate Reiki –  however, even in my Reiki Certification programs, I have customized them to focus more on understanding Traditional Japanese culture and Eastern Energetic Systems in order to understand the true potential of Reiki.

I offer a variety of classes, workshops and certification programs focused on Spiritual Awareness. I facilitate my workshops with a mentality that consists of both Coaching (a training or development process where you are supported while achieving a specific personal or professional goal) and Mentoring (a guidance and accountability type of relationship as we focus on discovering competencies, core values and personal development opportunities).  Each program is designed to customize the experience that best suits your unique needs and the class sizes are small for the utmost personal attention.   Most importantly, every workshop is all about Learning, Sharing, Healing & Growing into Self Awareness.


Personal Development Programs


These programs are designed for ANYONE interested in creating and maintaining a harmonious relationship between Soul and Ego; however, much of my program is designed for Women over the age of 16 years.  The purposefulness of these classes, workshops and certifications are to give you the tools required for Self Healing ~ grounding to Earth Energy, Opening to Heart Energy & Connecting to Heaven Energy…


I have taken several of Traci’s programs over the last few years and I really love how Grounding to Earth Energy, Opening Heart Energy and Connecting to Heaven Energy is not only a theme but also a really empowering practice.  So much Gratitude, Traci… so much!

Lisa P, Whitby


each class is 60-90 minutes in length and is $15+HST; membership rates are available; these sessions take place in The Centre for Healing Breath above Traci’s office in unit 2A of 9565 Baldwin St N Whitby Ontario (Myrtle Station); registration is appreciated – if a class is cancelled and you are registered you will be notified


The awareness gap is, what I have labelled, that space in which we must all navigate not only our own thoughts, words and actions but also the outside world on a daily basis.  There is a huge gap in our personal awareness between being ‘unconsciously incompetent’ in our lives ie: not knowing that we do not even know that we just don’t know and the space of being “consciously competent” in our lives ie; where we are flowing in the harmony through all of the areas life, experiencing balance on a regular basis.  My purposefulness is to safely guide, teach & heal you as you travel your True Path.

Here, at True Path Consulting, we have a Team of amazing practitioners and teachers who are experts in their craft. For men, families and children we continue to offer 1 on 1 treatment and customized groups. However, for women, we offer:


The Empowerment Series for Women is an informative, interactive and very affordable group Energy Work & Education membership. It is a safe, dynamic and inspirational space for you to gather with other like minded woman to share your experiences, learn tools to make happiness an ease and to heal the wounds that have caused suffering and have harmed you in the past.

These classes were originally created to make these much needed services more affordable to those who need to heal and care for themselves more often than every now and then.  With Professional Guidance, you are immersed into a world where inward awareness and outward success can be the natural experiences of your everyday.

Each regularly programmed $15+HST drop in class is a part of our empowerment series membership.  That means that you can take any one of these classes an unlimited number of times in each given month for a singular discounted rate.  There are over 44 classes on the schedule each month – yoga, meditation, reiki precepts, empath support and soul healing  – all designed to teach you Self Awareness without judgement.  All for as low as $129+HST with a monthly commitment for a 1 year term!





I have been doing the unlimited meditation with Traci for a few months now and really miss it on the days that I can’t make it there.  Traci is an amazing teacher and you can really feel how much she loves her work.  Almost every time I walk through the door she absolutely blows my mind with something new.  I love learning and she always has something of value to teach.

Tatum Potter, Whitby


[Traci’s Conscious Entrepreneur program]… really felt like a small group coaching session – it was so customized to our needs.  I am grateful to you, Traci, for opening your heart and sharing your experiences with us…. I got so much out of this magnificent discovery practice…  

Nelly, Sacarborough


Find the right Class, Workshop or Certification for YOU!

It is my passion to teach the “healers” ~ it is important that you realize that YOU are a healer, whether it is your professional or you are intuitively drawn to taking care of others. Either way, I am here to support you! You will find the event you are looking for here, along with complete course descriptions ~ everything from Conscious Entrepreneur, to Reiki Certifications, to Soul Healing Circles.

~ Traci Trimble, PhD