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This powerful Eastern Healing Art teaches the intricate connection between the 7 main Energy Centres of the Human Body to our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Awareness.

In full day programming that takes place on the 2nd Saturday of February and September each year, Traci Trimble, PhD Reiki Master/Teacher & Metaphysician, leads you through a fascinating journey of each of the Chakras – exploring, experiencing and connecting.

The day begins with an easy going 90 minute session into the basics of what the Chakras are, how the chakras work, their flow and what the basic messages are all about… the language of our body and spirit speaking to us through our emotions.

The next 3 hours, previously known as 1st Level Chakra Balancing, is designed to focus entirely on Self Care. It is essential that you are aware of your own imbalances before working on another. This session gives you both the tools and the knowledge to balance your own 7 main chakras but also to develop a deep sense of Self Awareness.

The final 3 hours, once called 2nd Level Chakra Basics, teaches you the techniques for both intuitive awareness as well a the chakra clearing procedures. This gives you both the ability and the confidence to treat others!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Energy medicine is not being taught in this program; although Reiki is not a requirement you will get a great deal more out of this program if you already have a foundation in energy medicine like Reiki.

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Chakra Balancing is a completely under utilized and untapped resource that is open to anyone with enough knowledge of how this Eastern Medicine works.  It is the language that both body and spirit speak and is translated through our emotions.  Our emotional competency can be developed through the wisdom of the Chakras.  I liken it to having an Energetic shower… you would not go too many days without washing your physical body so why do we let our Energy body get so messed up?

~ Traci Trimble, PhD

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