Conscious Entrepreneur

In this Personal Development Business Foundations Program, not only will you walk away with a new found confidence, clarity of purpose and a solid sense of Self-Awareness, but You will also have all of the pieces to build a detailed, clear and usable business plan. Best of all, you will have renewed your passion for Life – both personally and professionally.

Katie Dempsey interviews Traci Trimble; Conscious Entrepreneur; March 2015

Conscious Entrepreneur

Find out more about the 16-hour Conscious Entrepreneur program – you will discover the benefits, find the agenda and see if you are eligible for Continuing Educations credits.

As an Empowerment Coach, Energy Worker & Workshop Facilitator, I have over 8 years of hands-on experience as a resource to those seeking to “be in service”, seeking to be Self-Aware and seeking to be successful doing what they love to do.  For 5 of those years, I owned and operated a Wellness Centre employing & supporting over 20 independent contractors; so know what it feels like to be in FEAR.  To be in fear of feeling all alone in your business, of being overwhelmed by it all and of not thriving financially.  I also know what it feels like to conquer my fears, grow my practice and to be my true & authentic self.  From that Inner Awareness, I have been able to successfully create the life of my dreams.  I am so excited to teach you to do the same!

~ Traci Trimble, M.Msc

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