Find some PEACE in this busy world…

In your Mind & and in your Life.

Discover the tools to create and maintain

a healthy BALANCE

through the practice of Meditation…


Raja Guided Meditation is an excellent way to either begin to build meditation into your lifestyle or to reconnect yourself with your own meditation practice… In this 90 minute Guided Meditation Session, you will: 

  • Learn about the Art of Meditation, Metaphysics and Your Self
  • Connect to Your breath in a Meditative State
  • Be Guided to a safe and Tranquil place in your mind where you are grounded, open and connected
  • Relax and Restore YOUR SELF ~ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

This session is for students of all levels and belief systems.  This Guided Meditation is a both an interactive educational experience discussing what Meditation is for approximately 45 minutes and experiencing just ‘being’ in a meditative space through a 30 minute interactive journey away from the 5 senses into a sacred space of self-discovery.

This session is for Women, Men & Youth; It runs twice a month in the evening at 6pm (check the calendar for Raja Meditation); a Maximum of 8 students per class 15 +HST pp.  You MUST register for these classes.


Raja Meditation: View the FULL Event Calendar

I love scrolling through your calendar and coming across the months with one or more Guided Meditations. This is such a great class. Thank you!

Sheley, Oshawa

I want to say a huge thank you to Traci Trimble, who is amazing.  Great Meditation last night.  I will be upping my Meditation to help me with the things I find difficult and will always keep you in my head with the garbage bag (analogy).  I can’t thank you enough for your gifts to me and to others.

Jennene, Oshawa ON

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