These sessions are all about learning to comprehend where you are at right now, in this moment, within the awareness gap.  They are about YOU knowing exactly ‘who you want to be’ and what to do to be her!  On Monday evenings and are a 90 minute session that goes into depth into the 12 metaphysical must knows of Self Awareness for only $15+HST (6:00pm).

There are only 12 spaces available so pre-registration is suggested; but you can message us to see if there is space available.  Click the box to the right for more information and the chance to register.



Find out more about the programs in the Empowerment Series, discover the benefits, find your tribe.

For $15 + HST where else can you get three hours of group Energy work and Talk Therapy?  No where!  My goal with Empowerment Series is to give those of you that may not be too sure if this “stuff is for you” a chance to learn, share and heal without having to make a big financial commitment.

~ Traci Trimble, PhD

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