REIKI SHODEN – 1st Degree Certification

Learning Reiki is an empowering process.  Your 1st Degree is all about learning to feel the energy, learning to discover your own “stuff” and to heal it.  Level one is perfect for everyone – you do not have to want to be in the business of Energy Work!  However, if you do want to become an Energy worker or add this skill to your professional practice then 1st Degree is a prerequisite for the 2nd Degree where you learn to “treat others”.


Find out more about the Reiki, discover the benefits, see the agenda and see if you qualify for Continuing Educations credit.

Reiki has not only been a source of healing my body from serious dis-ease over the years; it has also been instrumental in me being able to help myself manage depression & anxiety by creating balance in my life, showing me how to connect to my Higher Self and in discovering the innate healing abilities that I never even knew existed within me.

Reiki also set me on my journey of becoming a conduit for taking care of others. Today, it remains the foundation to both my personal spiritual practice and to my professional practice as an Empowerment Coach, Energy Worker & Workshop Facilitator.  Today, I am a Metaphysician and Spiritual Guide – all thanks to my discovery of Reiki  Universal Life Force Energy!

I am passionate about sharing the infinite power of Reiki with every person who is ready to take Self Care into their own hands in order to create balance in their own life ~ body, mind & spirit.

~ Traci Trimble, M.Msc

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