The Precepts are the most simplistic and completely over looked tool in Reiki .  Not only for deep  levels of Self Healing and Care but also as an empowering tool for navigating everyday life.

Join Traci Trimble, PhD for an empowering 6 week program that takes a deep dive into the 5 Usui Teate Precepts, how they empower you, what they purposefulness is and how you can use them to level up into a more intuitive and powerful Energy Worker.

This session runs every Monday night from 7:45 to 9:15 for 6 weeks with a one week break.  You are able to purchase a 6 week package for $65+HST (included in every Reiki Certification Program package) or you can drop in anytime you wish for just $15+HST.  Although there is an agenda topic, there is no script or workbook, so every single week will be unique tailored to the needs of the group.  The focus is always  education to empower and evolve


Week 1: overview of the 5 precepts, ways to use them in your treatment process, how to get out of your own way

Week 2: Just for today I will to not anger

Week 3: Just for today I will to not worry

Week 4: Just for today I will to be grateful and humble

Week 5: Just for today I will to do my work honestly

Week 6: Just for today I will to be kind and compassionate


* The only prerequisite for this class is a minimum of 1st Degree Reiki Shoden; Women and Men over 16 years of age;


I love scrolling through your calendar and coming across the months with one or more Guided Meditations. This is such a great class. Thank you!

Sheley, Oshawa

I want to say a huge thank you to Traci Trimble, who is amazing.  Great Meditation last night.  I will be upping my Meditation to help me with the things I find difficult and will always keep you in my head with the garbage bag (analogy).  I can’t thank you enough for your gifts to me and to others.

Jennene, Oshawa ON

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