I am so excited to have embarked on this, the next and most exciting journey of being a Teacher… my weekly 50 minute global radio show called Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD.  It is live on Friday afternoons at 1pm EST on Inspired Choices Network. Every session is it’s own powerful and empowering lesson; however, if you listen in the order they are presented (from the bottom to top) there is an ongoing in depth training in Self Awareness without judgement.

It is podcasted on over 20 venues including iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and GooglePlay.  Best part of all… it is FREE!

Inaugural show - Exploring Energy Healing

November 7th ~ Perfectly Perfect

It may be true that life is not always sunshine and roses; however, it is always exactly as it needs to be – perfectly perfect – in order for you to learn the lesson that gifts you the tools that allows you to level up into being, doing and having better. This is the awareness process called Perfectly Perfect. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she shares this pretty cool intellectual and spiritual concept that will help you to shift everything over to a healthy positive perspective.

Perfectly Perfect ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

October 24th ~ Doing Your Work Honestly

In Energy Medicine, there is a fundamental foundation piece called ‘doing your work honestly’. It is how we process through healing to wholeness. It is how we remember the contract that we signed to come to this space and time called Human Being. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she explains the concept, shares the values and gifts you some tools for really truly doing your work honestly.

Doing Your Work Honestly ~ Traci Trimble, PhD


October 17th ~ Spiritual Shower

Why do we need to take a spiritual shower? Imagine that every single day each of us is bombarded with 600 – 800 emotional traumas that are like icky gooey ooze on our bioenergetic field… and we are not even aware of it. Even more, imagine what it would feel like if you had not showered that icky gooey ooze off in months – possibly years. Why is this happening and what can we do to protect ourselves? Join Traci Trimble PhD as she explains exactly what emotional trauma is and how a spiritual shower works to protect you!

Spiritual Shower ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

October 10th ~ Metaphysical Swear Words

Selfishness, Manipulation & Mind your own business might be considered swear words! Well, that is because they are socially shunned for their true power. And, they are also incredibly empowering when you have the courage to use them to gift you your independence, autonomy and free will back. It is time to take it all back. Join Traci Trimble, PhD as she dissects what these 3 metaphysical swear words mean and how they will empower you to be your best Self.

Metaphysical Swear Words ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

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