We are moving into my favorite month of the year MARCH. It is my favorite for a variety of reasons like Spring is almost here, so we can start getting outside again and of course it is my birthday month. I know most people have a birth DAY… not me. I have a birthday month. I call it my “reflect and shift” month. It’s purposefulness, for me, is to ensure that I am constantly learning, sharing, healing and growing as an individual but also as a healer, Spiritual Guide and mentor.

Each March, for as long as I can remember, from the 1st to the 24th , I give myself permission to start over. Over the last 10 years that has meant that I consciously decide who I want to be this year based on who I was last year and what I wish to become in this new year. I take inventory of what has happened (both planned and unplanned) and I seriously and deeply reflect on how I handled each situation, both in the moment and overall. I focus not on if it was a good or bad scene but who I was in that scene. Was I who I wanted to be – passionate, patient, purposeful, kind, compassionate, abundant, balanced, in integrity, and always learning – or not? It is from this look back that I create what the year ahead will hold for me – both personally and professionally.
I am already getting excited for this annual review, for my new plan of action and for the vision board that will guide me on this new journey.

I had a pretty clear and detailed plan coming into this past year. A lot has happened to and for me that I had created and even more that I was gifted. The best part of it was giving myself permission to go with the flow in awareness (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Looking back, I am confident that this has been a good year once it is all summed up. There were some tough times on paper, however, for the first time in many years I did not feel the suffering of what may have been called challenges. I really approached this year with Soul and Ego in harmony. It wasn’t always easy but it sure was worth developing the skill of awareness without judgement. That is my big gratitude for last year… truly finding awareness without judgement.

I am crazy grateful for what can be labelled the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly because it all got me to right here and right now. To that place where I am exactly who I want to be! I am grateful to Fred, as always, for the independence and autonomy that he gifts me both in our awesome love relationship and in the outside world that influences us. I really do whatever it is that brings me joy and I am so grateful for his support in making that important for me to be care-free. I am wicked grateful for my career – for the passion and purposefulness I get to be in every single work day (which is an awesomesauce of only 3.5 days a week) and the 60+ people a week that trust me to be their Spiritual Guide, whether it is 1 on 1, as a small group/family or in a regularly scheduled class. I am so grateful for the support from my amazing team – Tatum Potter, Deb Macapagal, Stefanie Fontaine that ensures that I am out there; even while I am here living my purposefulness! I am in love with my gorgeous new work space in Myrtle Station – it became home the moment Tatum and I walked in. If you have not been over yet you must feel the healing energy here… it makes my work so easy. I am crazy grateful that Fred and I found our dream home and are all settled in. These five foundational pieces that really came together in the last year have allowed me to “bring it” with ease … and that is very exciting to me.

I cant wait to get this new year rolling… bring on March 24, 2018!!! Here’s to creating a plan of action, asking the Universe for even better than I could imagine and then going with the flow!
My questions for you start with – do you reflect on where you are right now (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually)? and where you want to be in 1 year from now? Does what you see, feel and know about your Self and your life encourage and empower you? Are you being who you WANT to be or are you trapped in all of the outside influences or flowing through your own journey?

If you are in your flow – constantly reflecting and shifting to meet your highest good – then awesome … keep up the great work! If not, are you ready to learn what all that means and how to get started… because I am ready to teach and support you. That is my purpose as a Spiritual Guide, to teach you, to help you to heal the trauma and to discover your true and authentic Self.

Did you know that I offer a complimentary 45 minute consultation to share with you your Soul’s message? There is no obligation; but there is a great deal of opportunity. It is only 45 minutes but I can ensure you that it is life altering. If you haven’t taken me up on that yet – what are you waiting for? If you have but haven’t moved forward on your True Path – why not, what is holding you back, and how can I support you?

GOT QUESTIONS: traci@tracitrimble.ca

BOOK NOW:www.TraciTrimble.ca/booknow

In the mean time, let me share with you a few of the ways that I can support you.
I have two big events coming up that offer real big shifts. They are group events – in which you get to be in the energy of other like minded people. This alone has the capacity to begin the Self Care/Self Healing process. Let me share them with you:

Big Events; Big Shifts:

March Let it Go!  March 17th
This is the final offering of the Let it Go! Series of events hosted by Karen Johnson-Mitchell (holistic nutritionist), Trish John (feng shui practitioner) and Traci Trimble (doctor of energy medicine). It is a full day of education and experience designed to gift you the space and intention of letting go of what you no longer need to carrying around in your body, in your home environment and in your Soul. You will meet 14 holistic product and service providers, be entered to win some great gifts, learn from 3 speakers, enjoy a beautiful healthy lunch and experience a powerful group healing session through a guided meditation. All of this for only $129 – that is the same price as 1 hour with me in a private appointment. This is a not to be missed event!

Exploring Energy Healing – a full day event! April 14th
Traci & Trish are teaming up to offer an in depth, intimate dive into the mystical arts of Feng Shui and Emotional Trauma Release to 12 women on Saturday April 14th from 9:30 to 5pm by teaching you how to energetically cure your Self and your Home environment of non-beneficial energy that has negative effect on the three key pillars of life – your physical well being, intimate relationship and career. In this gentle yet intense opportunity to heal, you will receive from Trish, an in depth understanding of how feng shui works while Traci will gift you a depth of Self Awareness unlike you have ever experienced. Space is very limited for this life altering introductory date; the cost is $129 per person (unless you are at Let it Go! On March 17th – where you will receive at code to get $30 off), and you must register before April 8th.


EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT from True Path with Traci Trimble, PhD
On April 4th I will be embarking on one of the big milestone stages on the way to my Big Hairy Audacious Goal for 2020 i.e.: my 3-year plan. I am a live, interactive, internet-based Radio Show Host supporting individuals as a Spiritual Guide and Mentor. I have committed to a 6-month platform and I am really looking forward to your support.

Between now and the beginning of April we will be setting up the marketing plan, the calendar of events and the Guest Speaker list. So, if you know of anyone who maybe interested in either being my Guest, a Co-host or a sponsor send them my way via email.