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Reiki is an excellent place to begin your journey into Energy Work.  Shoden level is the foundation to Reiki. This Japanese Healing Art has all of the tools to lay a solid foundation for your future work – both for personal Self Care but also for long term professional development. Reiki teaches you to communicate with Universal Life Force Energy in the most simplistic of ways possible.Are you finally ready to take care of YOURSELF – ready to bring some calming balance into your life, to transform stress and to feel better than you did before? Are You Intuitively drawn to Taking Care of Others? Then consider Reiki Shoden 1st Degree as your next step… Perhaps Universal Life Force Energy has been calling to you!

In my custom designed 8 hour certification program that runs over a period of 3 weeks you will create a solid foundation for your personal practice. This program is ideal for any individual of any age, religion or previous experience (or lack there of) with Energy Work. By introducing you to the teachings of the Usui Teate Reiki Shoden and introducing you to Eastern Medicine you are guaranteed to have a solid foundation for developing your relationship with Universal Life Force Energy. And I do mean guaranteed… I offer many resources to assist you in any challenge stages of connecting to your Reiki practice for the rest of my life!



In this 8-hour intensive and experiential program you will learn:

  1. what Reiki is; specifically traditional Eastern Usui Teate Reiki and how it works in your life
  2. how to connect to Universal Life Force Energy
  3. how to give yourself a Reiki treatment



Here, amongst a group of like-minded people and a teacher who is passionate about Eastern Medicine, Metaphysics and Usui Teate Reiki you will share who you are now and who you truly want to be.  You will share your perception of Energy work and its effects on shifting you to a spiritually based positive mental attitude.


Reiki 1st Degree gifts you with all the tools to create a daily practice that guides you to your True Nature ~ a place of balance within you. Here you will begin to heal your physical ailments, emotional traumas,mental neurosis and spiritual disconnection by being attuned directly to Universal Life Force Energy,  by experiencing hands-on treatments as a part of your daily practice and by working through the precepts.


Here is your opportunity to grow into the spiritual being having a human experience that you are meant to be.  Here you find balance, peacefulness and Self love.

Each session for 4 hours, Traci Trimble, PhDc; Reiki Shinpinden (Master-Teacher), will share with you the power of Source through the teachings of Usui Teate Reiki, how to connect to Earth, Heart and Heaven Ki and where to apply the Precepts into your daily life.  The end result is a solid foundation for Self Care, for a hands on Self-Healing Practice.

Sessions include:

Day1. is an intro night designed for you to get comfortable in the surroundings and your new sacred circle of like-minded energy workers.  You will learn about the 5 Elements of Usui Teate Reiki, be guided through a meditation of the Energy Centres and recieve your manual. Day 2. is a very detailed breakdown of the Self Treatment Process, an in-depth exploration of the Precepts and you will receive your first of 2 attunements to Universal Life Force Energy.  At this time, you will be given a two-week break in order work the precepts and the hand placements on your own and have a forum to come back to for support. Each student will share their experiences over the last 2 weeks, perform a treatment and receive their final attunement.  We will close the sacred circle with an Earth, Heart and Heaven Ki Guided Meditation.  Certificates will be awarded.  

With the purchase of your Reiki Certification you will also receive 6 weeks of the Reiki Precepts Study Group. This is a fantastic way to deepen your knowledge of the Precepts and learn from other experienced Reiki Practitioners.
Yoga Teachers, RMT’s and Holistic Health Practitioners – this program is recognized as a Continuing Education program.  For more information go to PROFESSIONAL CEU’s.



2 Evening from 6pm – 10pm

(3rd Thursday of the month, followed by the 1st Thursday of the month)

Reiki Shoden 1st Degree is an 8-hour certification for adults. There is a Maximum of 6 students per class. This class repeats 8 times a year.  Children’s Programs and Private or Customized Training is available (see Customization below).





I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression in 1996.  I was told that I would require medication for the rest of my life.  I refused that… it would not be my fate.  It wasn’t easy – but it was worth it.  I searched for years for the tools that could be my medication – that created balance, peacefulness and clarity in my life.  I found it – I found Meditation.  This IS my medication.  I am so very, very, very grateful for Meditation and all of the gifts that a daily practice has brought to me.  I wish this for you.    Namaste.

~ Traci Trimble, M.Msc

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Awesome – fantastic – never felt better! Excited and energized! And healing sooo well!

Christine Boyle, Scarborough

Reiki Shoden

This was not the first time I have done Reiki 1 – I didnt even know I was a Shoden before!  So many aha moments – my favorite is how you created the Hatsuireho dance for us.  So much gratitude!

Deanna P, Brooklin

Reiki Shoden

I have been really committing to making the time to sit down and do full self treatments twice a day and I think because of that I am starting to experience the same feeling and vision each time I invoke Reiki, which is really cool! The consistency of that experience has allowed me to be more present with Reiki because I am no longer thinking “I wonder if that’s it” every time I have a different sensation because now I know. And I love how if I adjust my hands just a tiny bit in certain places I experience a feeling of relief… it has been really amazing to be able to look back at my notes and make the connections between what is happening and what you are teaching. I am so grateful to have you as my guide…

Shannon, Oshawa

Reiki Shoden


Customize Your Experience

Have you checked out my events calendar and something about my Reiki 1st or 2nd Degree programming just didn’t work for you; however, you are interested in having me as your Spiritual Guide?  Perfect – check out my customized Reiki Certification Program!

It is likely that you have have been wanting to do Reiki for some time now.  You are looking for the right Teacher and you are finally ready.  Maybe you know exactly the experience that you require; or just the opposite you have no idea what to expect.  Either way – that is great… you are ready.

If you want an experience that includes all or any of the following customization:

  • works for your unique schedule ~ daytime, evenings or weekends
  • is with people you already know or is an experience that you wish to have on your own
  • is at a location of your choosing (anywhere in the world)
  • has unique learning experiences not usually a part of my standard programming

Check out your options…

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