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Are you finally ready to take care of YOURSELF?

Ready to bring some calming balance into your life, to transform stress and to feel better than you did before…


Are You Intuitively drawn
to Taking Care of Others?

Then consider Reiki Shoden 1st Degree
as your next step…


Perhaps Universal Life Force Energy

has been calling to you!



TT photo for marketingReiki has not only been a source of healing my body from serious dis-ease over the years; it has also been instrumental in me being able to help myself manage depression & anxiety by creating balance in my life, showing me how to connect to my Higher Self and in discovering the innate healing abilities that I never even knew existed within me.

Reiki also set me on my journey of becoming a conduit for taking care of others. Today, it remains the foundation to both my personal spiritual practice and to my professional practice as an Empowerment Coach, Energy Worker & Workshop Facilitator.  Today, I am a Metaphysician and Spiritual Guide – all thanks to my discovery of Reiki  Universal Life Force Energy!

I am passionate about sharing the infinite power of Reiki with every person who is ready to take Self Care into their own hands in order to create balance in their own life ~ body, mind & spirit.

In my custom designed 3 Module/12 hour program that runs over a period of 4 weeks you will create a solid foundation to your personal practice.  This program is ideal for any individual of any age, religion or previous experience (or lack there of) with energy work. By introducing you to the teachings of the Usui Teate Reiki Shoden you are guaranteed to have a solid foundation for developing your relationship with Universal Life Force Energy. And I do mean guaranteed… I offer many resources to assist you in any challenge stages of connecting to your Reiki practice for the rest of my life!

Are you ready for your 1st Degree Reiki Certification?


In this Reiki 1st Degree Certification Program you will walk away with: 

  • a clear understanding of what Reiki is and the benefits
  • knowing how to implement Reiki into your life as a personal practice
  • understanding how to give yourself a treatment and how to manage your personal stress and health issues
  • being attuned as a Reiki Shoden
  • a certificate in Reiki Shoden 1st Degree (required to proceed with any teacher to 2nd degree or Master Teacher)


book of lightThis hands on, educational and enlightening program is focused on Self Care.  It runs at least twice every three months as an organized group or you can get a group of people together and I will work according to your schedule.  It has a maximum of 4 – 6 students; the classes that I organize begin on a Monday evening at 6pm – 10m, the next Thursday from 6pm – 10pm and then after a 3 or 4 week break (designed for you to practice self treatments and become connected with Reiki) another Monday evening 6pm – 10pm.

It takes place in Brooklin, ON Canada in my home studio.

And, yes… YOU are worth it!

Even better, after the program ends you will not be alone.  There is a regularly scheduled Reiki Exchange of students who have also been through at least their 1st Degree.  Plus, 2nd Degree classes are also available ~ here you learn to treat others!  These are held at least 3 times per year.  See the calendar tab, at the the top of this page,  for details.

There is often a waiting list as there are only a maximum of 4 to 6 students per program.




Awesome – fantastic – never felt better! Excited and energized! And healing sooo well!



~ Christine, Port Perry, ON

Reiki 1st Degree Student

I have been really committing to making the time to sit down and do full self treatments twice a day and I think because of that I am starting to experience the same feeling and vision each time I invoke Reiki, which is really cool! The consistency of that experience has allowed me to be more present with Reiki because I am no longer thinking “I wonder if that’s it” every time I have a different sensation because now I know. And I love how if I adjust my hands just a tiny bit in certain places I experience a feeling of relief… it has been really amazing to be able to look back at my notes and make the connections between what is happening and what you are teaching. I am so grateful to have you as my guide…


~ Shannon; Oshawa ON

Reiki 1st Degree Student



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