what is spiritual disconnection?

This is going to be QUICK & DIRTY – everything you need to understand in order to step into your healing journey is in my Spiritual Reset mini course.  What I will tell you right now is that Spiritual Disconnection is a human bioenergetic disease.  It is based on the premise that EVERY single one of us, are in fact, Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come to this space and time called Human Being on a Divine Assignment – more simply put each human being is here for a reason… BUT… most of us do not even remember WHY we are here!

How did this happen?  Metaphysically, this is explained by the illusion of separation of Soul & Ego.  Soul totally remembers why we are here… but Ego has had to work so hard at protecting us from thoughts, feelings, experiences, trauma and B-rules (bullshit rules).  This creates a powerful inner struggle that has serious side effects. 

These side effects are explained best as the 3 stages of spiritual disconnection.  They include:

Uninspired…  in this stage, you are being to awaken to your Spiritual Calling, however, you have now completely forgotten your True Self, your purpose on this planet and are out of alignment with your highest good.  Your Ego is in control and Soul is suffocating. This is very uncomfortable – physically, emotionally and mentally.  Most people just fight through it.

Next, is Self Sabotage… Ego is fight Soul for power – completely unaware that it Ego is also Soul – you are fighting your own self.  You are looking for any form of physical, emotional or mental comfort that you can find outside of your own Self.  You are being controlled by unconscious stories that are compelling you to live in lack and/or fear. 

Finally, your body, your mind and your spirit are giving up – giving in to the pain.  Being human is [swearword] hard! This comes to us as the experience of Anxiety & Depression… you have moved through uninspired and self-sabotage and that has left scars; scars of known and unknown trauma that have you stuck in worry and/or anger which has become your fuel.  You are being poisoned to death!

FACT: Every single one of us has something to heal from; in this slow safe journey from hurt to heal, Traci Trimble, PhD shares with you knowledge, tools and truths that will shift how you are currently experiencing your reality. If you can possibly image that you are indeed a Spiritual Energy that has chosen to come to Human Being for a very specific reason, especially if you are struggling to figure that out, then Traci Trimble, PhD is for you. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired – physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually AND you are ready to do your work honestly… then Traci Trimble, PhD is for you.

In my metaphysical practice and my educational platform called Self Awareness without judgment, I explain all of this as the precipice of from HURT to HEAL… here is a quick taste: 

This HURT…the place that This is HEAL… the place that
Spiritual Disconnection keeps the Spiritual Reset is leading
Us stuck in: us into:

H– habits and beliefs that control H – happiness

U – unconscious incompetence E – emotional competence

R – rage, fire burning anger hidden deep A – alignment with True Self

T – triggered by trauma L – LOVE 

Curious yet?  So, let me ask:



I won’t tell you to jump in unless you’re truly ready — but I also won’t let you sit on the sidelines of your life when you’re ready to take your life back!⁣  This program, the Spiritual Reset is regularly priced at $179.  But with everything going on in the world right now I have decided to make it even more affordable…

FOR JUST $47 you have NOTHING to lose! 

Finally, find the ANSWERS that you have been searching for with my SPIRITUAL RESET mini-course which includes an exclusive action plan based on your unique Spiritual Journey.  All that you have to do is:

What do you get by finally saying YES!  

✅ A detailed description of what Spiritual Disconnection is and how it has been controlling and compelling your experience without your awareness  


✅ A 4-part mini-series walking you through EXACTLY how I will shift you from HURT to HEAL


With passion and authenticity, Traci teaches you to “Heal Your Self” – as she believes that ALL pain and suffering stems from generations of trauma created by the illusion of seperation between Soul and Ego. You will learn to disentangle your thoughts and feelings from a state of hurt into a state of heal.

Are you ready?



• Lack of Inspiration
• Self Sabotage
• Anxiety, Worry, Overwhelm
• Depression, Anger, Sadness
• Panic Attacks

Disclaimer: this is not your average quiz (it’s actually at least 1,000 times more valuable than most because it can change the trajectory of your life) – AND I do not need your email for you to find out if you are suffering from Spiritual Disconnection or not!

Spoiler Alert – You won’t find out which ANIMAL would be your Spirit Guide…⁣

But you will walk away armed with a deeper awareness of your Self than perhaps you have EVER before. 

This is a short and effective quiz based on what I’ve learned teaching THOUSANDS of Spiritual Seekers how to transform from SPIRITUAL DISCONNECTION and take their lives back! ⁣

One of the top questions I get from those on a Spiritual Journey who discover that they are suffering from Spiritual Disconnection is “where do I start?”

The answer depends on your current state of awareness, how well you KNOW who you want to be and the depth of the trauma that must be healed — which is why I’ve put together this quick and easy quiz to help you determine if you are in a conscious or an unconscious state of…


spiritual disconnection quiz:

 In just a few EASY questions, you’ll discover if you are suffering from SPIRITUAL DISCONNECTION…

✅ do you feel like it is impossible to “be happy” most of the time; no matter what you do?

✅ have you lost your zest for life; feeling “sick & tired of being sick & tired”?

✅ do you know that you have a lot to be grateful for but you just can’t seem to be grateful? 

IF you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in STAGE ONE OF SPIRITUAL DISCONNECTION: called UNINSPIRED… 

✅ do you seem to be choosing everyone except yourself? 

✅ are you pleasing others at your own expense but cannot seem to stop? 

✅ are you making choices that you KNOW will hurt you but it is like it almost doesn’t even matter anymore? 

IF you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in STAGE TWO OF SPIRITUAL DISCONNECTION: SELF SABOTAGE… 

✅ you just can’t stop worrying… you are living so far into the future that the present seems almost unreal? 

✅ you are so angry that sometimes you aren’t even sure what you are angry about? 

✅ you are exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated pretty much ALL of the time?

IF you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in STAGE THREE OF SPIRITUAL DISCONNECTION: ANXIETY AND/OR DEPRESSION



Habits & Beliefs . Unconscious Incompetence . Rage . Trauma Triggers


Happy . Emotionally Competence . Aligned . Love


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