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“I am so excited to introduce you to my a proprietary 6-phase healing process that takes you from a state of unconscious incompetence where you feel broken most of the time to conscious competence where you feel whole even if life is not perfect.”  ~ Traci Trimble, PhD  

Soul Healing Protocol®

Soul Healing Therapy was originally designed and tested between May 2015 and May 2017 as the premise behind Traci’s first Doctorate Degree dissertation in the field of Energy Medicine.  During this 18 month period of time, over 100 individuals were treated and documented to subsequently have experienced measurable and sustainable results in shifting out of depression, anxiety and accute stress into Self Awareness without Judgement. All of which are to be published in her soon to be released book that addresses the metaphysical causes of our physical ailments, emotional trauma, mental neurosis and/or spiritual disconnection. 

This Soul Healing process, as outined below, begins by explaining to YOU where your unique pain and suffering originated from.  This gives us a custom designed, unique to you treatment plan using specific Energy Medicine Techniques. This happens in a relatively short period of time, without having to re-experience the original trauma. The end result being a shift in your non beneficial habits and beliefthat is supported through on going education and awareness. 


 Soul Healing Therapy

Is a  proprietary 6 stage healing system that reprograms your cellualr memory to release trauma, old stories, habits & beliefs that cause depression, anxiety & acute stress.  In each of the 6 stages, Traci gently guides you through a process of learning, sharing, healing and growth that meets you exactly where you are at and takes you exactly where you are ready and willing to go…



Traci’s purpose is to holistically treat, as well as to teach, both individuals and families how to create, develop and to maintain Self Awareness without Judgement…  

The integral piece of Soul Healing Therapy® is Self Awareness without Judgement.  First, to know the true name of the trauma that controls and compels you takes it’s power away.  Calling it depression, anxiety or acute stress will never allow you to get to the “root” of the fear.  If you do not know who you want to be or why you are here then fear is always present. 

Second, for generations, we have operated without true awareness of our own thoughts and/or feelings.  Science calls this transference of trauma from generation to generation “Epigenetics”.  Without any awareness or intention, we have adopted habits and beliefs, even trauma, from our influential others. 

You can stop the pain & suffering.  It is through the capacity to know your True Self without judgment that you are then capable of eliminating depression, anxiety and acute stress from our reality. 

$2825 CAD

The 6 steps found here breakdown into detail each of the 6 stages in Soul Healing Therapy flow.  For more information about doing any single stage of this protocol as in individual treatment please go to: 

STEP 1 The Shadow's Fear Story

In a 45-minute complimentary consultation, we take the time to get to know one another; to feel out if we are a good fit.  There is no obligation in this session.  

In particular, I share a  20-minute metaphysical explanation of how the Emotional Trauma that you have unwittingly accumulated is causing you physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.  I share a story that explains the entire metaphysical process that takes place before we actually become a human being – the process that we each undertook to move from Spiritual Being into Human Being.  I share with you about how Body, Mind & Spirit became One; about the contractual agreement made between You and Source; about how the perceived Traumas occurred during conception to birth and what they really are; about the 3-day theory where non beneficial energy attaches to us and becomes a part of our belief system and how Soul and Ego re-uniting changes everything!

TAKE AWAY: You walk away with documentation outlining “YOUR” very specific Shadow or Ego story that has created your very specific pain and suffering; along with a recommended treatment path for moving forward.

COST: $0 complimentary; this is my life altering gift to you

STEP 2 – Treatment of the Original Trauma (BETR)

BETR® THERAPY sessions

BETR (bioenergetic emotional trauma realignment) is a series of five (5) treatments in which we will uncover the Original trauma that is the cause of your Shadow’s fear story as explained to you in the first session. In the first four sessions we clear away the non beneficial energy from the cellular memory and reformat your neural pathways in order to repair the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage of the past; all without having to re-live the experiences and in the fifth session we clear nothing – we fill the void left by eliminating the trauma with a unique to you vibration of in alignment.

This is a proprietary process that I developed as a part of my Doctorate program that combines the most powerful components of several of the key modalities including but not limited to Usui Teate Reiki, Bioenergetic Therapy (BEAM), Djuni Method (formerly known as Psychic Surgery), Chakra Balancing, Meditation, CCMBA (complete cellular mind body alignment), Inner Speak Channeling  and Talk Therapy/Metaphysical Counseling. 

TAKE AWAY: from these 5 BETR sessions you will walk away with a complete cellular clearing of original emotional trauma from the bioenergetic field – in order of treatment protocol: 1) the surface of original trauma, 2) the root of original trauma, 3) surface of accumulated habits and beliefs dependent on the trauma 4) the root of the habits and beliefs that have allowed the trauma to thrive; plus 5) a realignment of the cellular memory as the bioenergetic field is reformatted to a higher vibration.  Each session is approximately 1 hour.

COST: $129 per hour (total treatment time is 5 hours split over 5 sessions); pay per session
OR  $575 for a 5 session package (save $61)
OR $2500 for the entire program (saving over $300)

STEP 3 – Remembering the Contract with Source (DAS)

DAS – Discover Authentic Self

In a 60-minute channeling session you will uncover not only core principals gifted to you to fulfill your contract in this space and time but also the energies/core values that trigger you, that control you and also that fuel you.  By 2017,  over 1200 individuals have already gone through this process with me and it has been described most frequently as ‘life altering’.  

I do my best not to share too much information about this session as I do not want to influence your experience and by the time you reach this point you will not only trust me you will have more than enough evidence that you are on your own true path.

TAKE AWAY: you will leave with a deep knowing within you that this is indeed your truth; as well as a document that outlines the energies that trigger you, that control/compel you, the energies that you thrive in as well as the 3 core values that were gifted to you before you even became a Spiritual Being having a Human experience – otherwise known as “your contract”.

The biggest part of completing this session is that you will now have the knowledge of both your Shadow story – the 3 non beneficial energies that compel you out of alignment with your true Self and now the 3 core values that drive you towards your purposefulness in this space and time.  PRICELESS!

COST: $129
OR $2500 for the entire program (saving over $300)

STEP 4 – Inner Speak (3 Sessions of Talk Therapy)


We will, from time to time, feel blocked or stuck, perhaps even be in avoidance.  When we are not doing our work honestly, even if for a few days, an accumulation of non beneficial energy finds us.   In 2015, scientists proved that emotional trauma (the flight, fight, freeze phenomenon) “happens” to us as many as 600 – 800 times a day and we don’t even realize it!!!I There is a metaphysical principal, that I call the 3-day theory, where if we do not intentionally wash that non beneficial energy out of our bioenergetic fields (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) it sits on us in the first 24-hours.  If we continue to do nothing to spiritually cleanse ourselves then it becomes a part of our cellular memory within the next 24-hours and finally become a part of our belief system in the final 24 hours of the 3 day cycle – proving to us that we have enough evidence that we are indeed unworthy and/or our fears have been realized.

Inner Speak is designed to clear those blocks.  It is a three (3) session clearing process, usually done once a week for 3 weeks.  It’s purpose is to spiritual cleanse the bioenergetic field by bringing the disowned parts of ourselves back into alignment.  This is done through a comination of Theta healing work and chaneling.

TAKE AWAY: you will resolve blocks of energy before they are ever even able to become trauma; you will live in Self Awareness and be naturally driven to continually do your work honestly.

COST:  $329 for 3 sessions (save $41, not offered in single sessions)

STEP 5 – Navigational Types

Navigation Types

In this educational session we will do a deep dive into your primary navigational style.  This knowing allows you to not only know your own Self at a deeper level but also those that you attact to you.  There are 5 main contracted navigational types and one learned type.  The five include: Giver, Taker, Egalitarian, Parent and Child.  The learned type is chameleon.  In your 45 minute consultation you will learn what this is but are not taught anything else until this session.  Which are you?

TAKE AWAY: you will leave knowing how all of the details of your contract with Source tie together including the FEAR story from the 45 minute consultation, your Ego Navigation style (Giver, Taker, Egalitarian, Child or Parent) and the Contract you made with Source in the form of your Light’s Love Story.

COST: $129
OR Group sessions are offered 3 – 4 times a year; 3 hours for $85

STEP 6 – Self Mastery Program Reprogramming the Shadow Story


12 Sessions

This program is offered in both 1 on 1 one hour session for 12 weeks OR it is also offered in person in Whitby as a 12 week, 36 hour intense group workshop.

Either way, we take a deep dive into your existing belief systems, including both your unconscious blocks and your conscious core values.  We take all of the work that you have completed in Soul Healing and we apply it to give you a unique, detailed road map to exactly who you want to be, specifically from the perspective of the 12 core areas that scientist have proven to have the most profound effect on our happiness.

We will spend 1 hour individuallly or 3 hours in group in each core values,  breaking away the barriers to your happiness while at the same time uncovering your truth so that together we can reformat your life based on what really makes you the happiest.  Not only will you walk away empowered you will have created an intimate social group of like minded individuals who hold you accountable!

TAKE AWAY: you will walk away from this program knowing your Self at a depth that you would have never, in the past, imagined possible.  Should you choose to continue to do this Self Awareness without judgement work you will also have a personalized playbook guiding to what’s next in each of these empowered areas!  Plus, you will have created a deep bond with 5 other individuals who are there to support and keep you accountable.

COST: $1200+HST in group with a $400 early bird discount available***
OR $129 per session for 12 sessions 1 on 1
OR 1 on 1 package is $1500

***book and pay for group with a minimum of eight weeks (8) weeks before the session start date and save $400

GIFT FOR YOU – If you would like some in depth information on Self Mastery, please click HERE to be taken to my global radio show podcast streaming from iTunes; specifically to the sessions on Self Mastery dated: (1) 8.29.2018 called Self Mastery and 2) 9.5.2018 called the 3 most important areas of Self Mastery.

Start Your Journey Today 

Getting started is easy. It always begins with a no obligation complimentary session.  From there we can figure out what works best for you; whether it is all 6 stages of the Soul Healing Protocol or if it is bits and pieces.  All that really matters is that you take this one small step closer to bringing Soul & Ego together in harmony.

We work together in person, online, one-on-one or in small groups.  The entire process is custom designed for your very unique & speciifc needs.  Let’s get started…

Kind Words 05

kind words

“Traci, Soul Healing Protocol has changed my life.  It is what I wanted but also much more than I could have expected.  Tell me how I can scream from the top of the hills to help you share it with the world.  When you say “life altering” that isnt enough.  Thank you so much for your gifts, ongoing support and spiritual guidance.”
With Love, Cathy

Kind Words 04

kind words

Traci is incredible. After listening to the first 5 minutes of one of her live videos I knew I needed a session with her. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. I sought medical tests and specialists as well as ultrasounds and biopsies. No one was able to give me the answers… and Traci did it in the first session. Grateful for you and excited to continue down this journey of self awareness and healing
Nadia Y – available on Facebook

Kind Words 03

kind words

“I am so grateful for everything you did for me yesterday. It’s like my senses are coming back. I’m more aware. And I’m very aware of negative energy that needs to be cleared.”
Allison Stuart

Kind Words 02

kind words

“I love my online sessions with Traci. Seriously this beautiful soul has changed my life. If anyone is searching for so guidance this is a beautiful place to start. And best part it is from the comfort of your home. So much love for you, Traci Trimble.”
Crystal H

Kind Words 01

kind words

“I’m amazed at how good I feel ALREADY, and it’s only been one session! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I don’t get that nervous anxious feeling in my chest anymore. I can slowly feel my old self coming back…can’t wait until our next session!”
With Gratitude, Donovan

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