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Have you ever felt stuck – like you just cant function anymore? Having you been spinning in anger and/or worry but you are not even sure why? Does this frustration and overwhelm make you feel lost and even hopeless at times?

…then our educational healing based membership program is for you!


Every single one of us has something to heal from – the question is how do we heal? 
Well, that is exactly what Traci is here to teach us… especially if you are struggling to figure it all out.

If you can possibly imagine the following:

1) that you are indeed a Spiritual Energy
that has chosen to come to Human Being
for a very specific reason AND 

2) if you are sick and tired
of feeling sick and tired – physically,
emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually AND

3) you are ready to do your
Soul & Ego work honestly


… then Traci Trimble, PhD is definitely for you.

With passion and authenticity, Traci teaches you SELF LOVE – as she believes that ALL pain and suffering stems from trauma created by the illusion of separation between Soul and Ego. In this community, you will learn to disentangle your thoughts and feelings from a state of HURT into a state of HEAL.


This journey ~ from HURT to HEAL is a Spiritual Reconnection that is not meant to be done alone.  The Self Awareness without Judgement is a membership-based community led by Doctor of Energy Medicine, Traci Trimble, PhD that provides you with:

  • 2 weekly live coaching calls that include a metaphysical lesson and a healing guided meditation; Tuesdays at 7:30EST is lecture style and Thursdays at 10am EST is group interative classroom style; cant make the live coaching calls – that is ok as all events are recorded and stored in your membership dashboard
  • a private Facebook community designed for discussion, coaching, bonus lessons and all of your content
  • member-only exclusive products, services, events, retreats and pricing on all Traci’s services (up to 50% off)

INVESTMENT in your Self…

$45.20 CAD general admission
$32.77 CAD Soul Healing Protocol Alumni

Are you ready?

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• Dive into the Metaphysical understanding of Self & Others
• Release the Anger & Worry that controls you 
• Learn, Share, Heal & Grow 
• Bring your Soul & Ego into harmony; into SELF LOVE


$45.20 CAD monthly membership 

ONLINE LIVE via Zoom classes and acces to a private Facebook page that includes hundreds of hours of Metaphysical content

Live every Monday at 7:30pm & Thursday 10am EST

Already a member?


You will receive twice weekly live event links to 90 minute educational sessions based in Energy Medicine that teachs the tools of Self Awareness without Judgement; simple ways to create and maintain a sense of Self Mastery and to manifest ongoing personal happiness.

This program content is delivered online live via Zoom on Mondays at 7:30pm EST and Thursdays 10am EST (for approx. 90 minutes). Sessions includes 1 of 4 meditations – an optional 30 minute healing (bioenergetic trauma release) guided meditation; As a member all content is available in your dashboard so you are not obligated to be live for sessions.

Kind Words 05

kind words

“Traci, Soul Healing Protocol has changed my life.  It is what I wanted but also much more than I could have expected.  Tell me how I can scream from the top of the hills to help you share it with the world.  When you say “life altering” that isnt enough.  Thank you so much for your gifts, ongoing support and spiritual guidance.”
With Love, Cathy

Kind Words 04

kind words

Traci is incredible. After listening to the first 5 minutes of one of her live videos I knew I needed a session with her. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. I sought medical tests and specialists as well as ultrasounds and biopsies. No one was able to give me the answers… and Traci did it in the first session. Grateful for you and excited to continue down this journey of self awareness and healing
Nadia Y – available on Facebook

Kind Words 03

kind words

“I am so grateful for everything you did for me yesterday. It’s like my senses are coming back. I’m more aware. And I’m very aware of negative energy that needs to be cleared.”
Allison Stuart

Kind Words 02

kind words

“I love my online sessions with Traci. Seriously this beautiful soul has changed my life. If anyone is searching for so guidance this is a beautiful place to start. And best part it is from the comfort of your home. So much love for you, Traci Trimble.”
Crystal H

Kind Words 01

kind words

“I’m amazed at how good I feel ALREADY, and it’s only been one session! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I don’t get that nervous anxious feeling in my chest anymore. I can slowly feel my old self coming back…can’t wait until our next session!”
With Gratitude, Donovan


Habits & Beliefs . Unconscious Incompetence . Rage . Trauma Triggers


Happy . Emotionally Competence . Aligned . Love


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