The Energetic System of  the Chakras
~ Hokie Woohoo OR a Most Humbling Experience

by Traci Trimble, Spiritual Guide, February 2016

I am of the deepest belief that by having a knowledgeable grasp of the inner workings of the Chakra System that anyone can heal themselves of all possible ailments – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.   A pretty bold statement right?  I am not suggesting that this is easy to do, nor do I think that everyone is up to the discipline that it takes to create this perfect harmony within our body, mind and soul.  However,  I do… without any doubt… believe that it is possible ~ because I have experienced too many times not to believe.


The million dollar question that I am curious about is – Am I alone?  Do you think the idea that ‘by having an understanding the Chakra System you can  heal yourself” is a “hokie woohoo” idea or is it  “a most humbling truth?



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I have found in my professional experience, as a Reiki Practitioner who does energy healing on myself and others on a daily basis and who is highly fascinated by the Chakra System, that it (the chakra system) is one of the most complex of all of the Systems influenced by Universal Life Force Energy while at the same time is the most simplistic and easy to use tool that we can all have access to in order to heal ourselves.


Metaphysically,  it is impossible for me not to believe in what the Chakra system does and how it serves us as individuals with all of the experiential evidence that I have personally accumulated over the last 10 years; however in the “prove it to me” world that we experience daily where one has to see it to believe it or to experience it for themselves, I can see how all of this Chakra stuff can be a little unbelievable. Especially if one is afraid to even learn a little more about this 1000’s of years old eastern form of energy medicine.


I have heard Energy Work, and especially the concept of the Chakras, called a lot of not so flattering stuff like bullshit and bogus to hooey and hokie woo hoo crap.  I get it – I really do hear it a lot; even from people that I love very much. Yet, I LOVE IT when that happens.  I especially love it when that skeptic has the courage to allow me to read their body energy – where I tell them where they are blocked, both physically and emotionally and then what is ailing them – it gets pretty interesting as they try to figure out how I could have possibly known that!  I always get asked “are you psychic”.  Nope, just super connected to Universal Life Force Energy.  It is even better when that same person starts to ask me questions in rapid fire succession and then allows me to explain to them, in my passionate but limited knowledge, how the Chakra System works – usually the looks of their faces of doubt is what encourages me to keep going.  The best part of all is when they give me permission to do energy work with them to clear the blocked Chakra. There is ALWAYS some sort of immediate relief (not usually a complete healing of the cause of the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain, but a sense of relief… always… and a new awareness about themselves – which is my purpose!)  Even with the most stubborn skeptic, over time, transformation takes place.  It is most incredible to witness – even more so to experience.


For me the Chakra System is simply another language – like Japanese – that I have learned to speak, hear and understand.  This is the incredible language of the healing arts.  I truly, with all of my heart, believe that if you were willing to learn this empowering language that you would have the ability to heal yourself, too!

So at this moment, you either think that you are someone who has little to no idea or interest in the Chakras OR you think that you are aware of what the Chakra System is.  Either way, there is always something new and wonderful to learn and/or experience when it comes to Universal Life Force Energy and the Chakra System.  So if you will, allow me to share with you my love and passion for this incredibly intricate system of Energy – starting at the beginning with some basics…


What is the Chakra System & How does it all work?

The simplest explanation I have found so far is from the awesome Children’s TV show called ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’, where Aang, the main character, along with his Spiritual Guide explain the 7 main Chakras.  It goes something like this…


chakras are swirling pools of energy located throughout our human physical form that have the potential, when neglected, to become blocked by the everyday messiness of life.  Each pool is interconnected and leads into one another.  So when one is blocked the flow of all of the others is affected.


There are 7 main chakras.  See the diagram to the right, from the bottom to the top they are:

  1. ROOT chakra, located at the base of the spine behind the pubic bone.  It is represented by the colour RED.  It relies on our basic needs being met (often confused by base desires) and is all about our SURVIVAL.  This chakra is blocked by FEAR of not having enough and is cleared by trusting that we have all that we need and by RELEASING our greatest fear(s).
  2. SACRAL chakra, located at the the centre of the spine just below the belly button.  It is represented by the colour ORANGE.  It is all about our fulfillment of PLEASURE .  This chakra is blocked by GUILT  for our desires and perceived “selfishness” and BLAME for the judgement we perceive comes from others around our desires and perceived selfishness.  It is cleared by FORGIVING ourselves for all feelings of guilt around fulfilling our basic needs and forgiving others for what we perceive we are being judged on about our desires.
  3. SOLAR chakra, located at the the centre of the spine about several inches above the belly button and just below the solar plexus.  It is represented by the colour YELLOW.  It is the chakra of WILL POWER and WORTHINESS .  This chakra is blocked by SHAME of being unworthy of the things we want in life.  It is cleared by creating BALANCE.
  4. HEART chakra, located at the centre of the chest to the right of our physical heart.  It is represented by the colour GREEN ( sometimes even pink; although I have not ever experienced this personally).  It is the chakra of LOVE .  This chakra is blocked by the GRIEF of loss; both real and perceived.  It is cleared by LETTING GO of our expectations.
  5. THROAT chakra, located at the centre of the throat.  It is represented by the colour LIGHT BLUE.  It is the chakra of TRUTH .  This chakra is blocked by the LIES that we tell ourselves and others; the bullshit rules that we are fighting to believe are our own truth.  It is cleared by REVEALING that which we are denying about our true self.
  6. 3RD EYE chakra, located at the centre forehead just above the eyebrows.  It is represented by the colour INDIGO BLUE.  It is the chakra of AWARENESS .  This chakra is blocked by the ILLUSION of disconnection from Self and Others; from Source.  It is cleared by CONNECTING to one’s higher self.
  7. CROWN chakra, located at the top of the head.  It is represented by the colour PURPLE ( sometimes white or silver).  It is the chakra of PURE COSMIC ENERGY .  This chakra is blocked by the ATTACHMENT to worldly possession.  It is cleared by SURRENDERING our addictions and expectations of ownership.


How do the Chakras get blocked?


The simplest truth is that it just happens.  Life gets messy and we tend hold onto what may seem like little things (thoughts, words, emotions) until they get big, gross and nearly unmanageable (actual pain – physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual).  It seems that as humans, it isn’t until the actual point of suffering that we are even aware of  just how dirty things have gotten.  It is very rarely that most people spend any time let alone take daily action to clean up the inner messes that we make on a regular basis.  Yet, if we did – if we tidied up after ourselves and did general maintenance on our thoughts, words and feelings that we wouldn’t “breakdown”.


The analogy for providing a visual of this that I love to use with my clients is to imagine this scenario goes like this:

  • imagine that the chakra system is represented as the office place; made up of 7  individuals that as a group are interconnected, a team.  When one is out of whack it effects the entire group.  Also imagine that every morning the entire team meets.  At that meeting each has a cup of hot steamy liquid to get the day started.
  • imagine that each of the 7 chakras is represented as a  coffee cup that each individual uses.  That cup is useful or purposeful only when it is used a vessel.  That is its purpose – to hold the contents that fuel (energy) each team member.
  • imagine that each individual is responsible each day (a) to fill the cup with hot steamy fluid (life experiences); (b) to consume the liquid (allow the experiences to nurture us and whatever doesn’t gets released); and (c) after the consumption is complete to wash the cup out so that it can be used again tomorrow (clearing the chakras).
  • imagine in this scenario everyone is happy, feels productive and fulfilled and work together as an awesome team.

Sounds pretty simple, almost ideal, right?  But wait, reality must set in… what happens then when one or all of the team members do not wash out their cup after they are done each day.  Best case scenario for the lazy team member is that someone else on the team (one of the other chakras) over compensates and takes responsibility where that team member is lacking in their responsibilities – creating dissension and over taxing amongst the team over time. Worst case scenario, and how most people exist in everyday life, is that the symbolic cup gets filled daily with thick yummy hot chocolate (life experiences) which tastes awesome but leaves a thick residue in the cup. After a little while of being filled everyday but never getting washed –  it gets really gross.  The team member hasn’t even noticed the cup has never been washed and keeps filling it up and drinking from it.  What happens – after a bit of time –  is that the team member gets really sick!


What do the Chakras get blocked by?

Thoughts are Energy that becomes real Things.  Simple but Truth.  Our thoughts and ideas form words.  These words (either silently to ourselves or out loud through our own voice or from another’s voice) become mental energy or as emotional energy.  In addition, a judgement of each word is categorized as either being (a) good/positive/light energy or (b) bad/negative/dark or heavy energy.  Positive thoughts flow easily whereas negative thoughts accumulate and get yucky.  However it is that we perceive each thought, as positive or negative, then that is how it interacts with our Energetic Flow.

Going back to our analogy above – positive fluid is water nurturing and fulfilling us – not creating a dirty mess in the cup; whereas, hot chocolate is negative fluid making us fat and creating a nasty dirty mess.

The chakras get blocked by perceived negative thoughts that become feelings that get stuck in the energy flow.  Fear, guilt, blame, shame, grief, lies, illusions and worldly attachments.

How does energy become thoughts that get yucky and block the flow of our life force energy even happen?  you may be asking.  Well, first, what are you drinking more of – water or hot chocolate? and How often are you washing your cup –  everyday, occasionally, never?


How do you clear your Chakras?

Well to be honest, you don’t have to do it yourself.  That is what people like me can do with you.  However, the most optimal scenario is that you learn to understand the chakras; learn a form of energy work and you begin a daily (2 – 5 minute) routine that cleanses you every day.

But before you do all of that you have to get real with yourself.  Are you ready to take a look into the darkest places in your heart?  Are you ready to see what hurts you and what you are holding onto that you no longer need?

Are you ready?  Because, you need to be ready to look at what it is that is blocked in order to even be aware if the cup is dirty (by acknowledging what mental chatter and emotional energy is consuming you) and you must get clear on what is:

  1. creating fear – where in your life do you feel there is not enough for you? What are you the most afraid of in your entire life?
  2. creating guilt – where in your life are you punishing yourself for what you want out of life?  Who are you blaming… yourself or others… when you don’t get what you want?  What does that look like – inner hiding or outer lashing out?
  3. creating shame – where in your life do you feel completely out of balance; where are you lacking will power to succeed?  What in your life do you feel completely unworthy of receiving?
  4. creating grief – what are you feeling so sad about that you are mentally and physically debilitated by it? Where do you feel that love is completely lacking in your world… in your relationships, your career, within yourself?
  5. creating lies – what bullshit rules have you taken on from others that you treat as truth even though it does not feel right for you?  Where in your life do you feel trapped but persevere to spite all of the pain and anguish?
  6. creating illusions – do you know who you truly are, do you know who you want to be, what you want do and what you want to have?  Do you believe that you can have happiness, success and prosperity?
  7. creating worldly attachments – what “stuff” are you so attached to that you feel like you would die if you no longer had it in your life?  What are you addicted to or dependent on?  What is this doing to you – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

After this work is done – yes, that may be weeks, months, years or a lifetime, that is entirely up to you – after this work is done, a simple 2 – 5 minute self treatment everyday washes your cup so that it can be filled to the brim… nurturing you for your highest good all of the time!


What changes in your life when you are clearing your chakras daily?

This quote, although it is specific to meditation, is as equally as powerful if meditation is exchange with clearing your chakras.  And it says it all…



I have do the work and I know without a doubt that this is a most humbling experience that can barely be explained with mere words!  A most humbling experience… a truly blessed and happy life!


As usual, please do not forget, I am always here to support you.  Any questions, concerns or ideas please do reach out to me… here is my email.


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