Discovering and walking your True Path does not have to be as challenging as it has been made to feel.  You are NOT alone in this beautifully awkward life; even if it feels like it sometime.  Imagine how incredible and light it feels to know who you truly are and who you want to be.  It is life altering.  I know that because I have been both on track and off!!

As a matter of fact, I have recently (Spring of 2015) gone into practice for myself.  After 6 years, I am no longer a small business owner/operator taking care of over 25 other independent contractors; I am now  a solopreneur. Exactly where I was meant to be!

Although my craft –  educating women to empower themselves to evolve body, mind and spirit through personal awareness –  has not changed, how, when and where I do that has changed.  I am still an Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and Workshop Facilitator… for now; I am also a student.  I am in the process of completing my Doctor of Metaphysical Counselling and my Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching.  I am no longer in Oshawa – I am now in Whitby.  And I am only working as a practitioner on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 9am – 9pm.

I have named my personal practice ~ True Path Consulting.

Why the name True Path?   It is twofold.  First is what it means that I am being for others and second it is to remind me who I will continue to be for myself.

First, I am a Teacher.  I provide tools, resources and support for others to stay True while on their own Path in life.  I am a Mentor, I support them in the process of  rediscovering and living as who they really want to be.  I am a Guide.  I  lead them to the safe space needed to be able to let go of what my mentor, Vishen Lakhiani, calls “Brules” – the bullshit rules created by others.

Second, every day I am reminded what my Authentic self desires to be, do and have.  In order to maintain that vision I, too, must remain on my True Path.

What does remaining on my True Path mean?  I believe that whatever we, as an individual,  believe  about ourselves, our life, about others is our truth.  I also believe that we have the power to create all that we desire (all that we think about) whether what we create is deemed good or bad by us or by others is irrelevant – we are still creating it.  If we are not aware of this very real process then we are flying by the seat of our pants completely unaware of who we are, what we really want and why all of this shit is happening to us!  However, if we are conscious creators, meaning that we are actually aware of what we want, of who we want to be and we have the tools we need to remain in a positive mental state then it is more likely that we will love our life along with all of the ups and downs that it has to offer.

Getting back to True Path – there are many paths that we can take in life.  The dark, sad and lonely path.  Or the bright, beautiful and peaceful path.  And all the paths in between.  It is completely up to us.  Whatever path you are on it is your  path – or else you would not be there; as it is you that is has created this reality.  Therefore, I believe that it is up to each of us to create the best possible path to “be” on.  When we are clear, concise and consciously choosing what our path looks and feels like then we are indeed on our TRUE PATH.

Imagine your life can be compared to ordering a pizza.  When the “maker” of that pizza (universal life force energy, or God)  says what kind of pizza (life) would you like to have, then you either co-create the pizza (by  being self aware) or allow the creator to surprise you as he/she reads your mind (giving you the things you are thinking about most of the time).  Ultimately, you have to have the pizza (live) so I suggest getting the crust and toppings you love instead of having to suffer through a meal (life) you do not love.

Think of it this way – if you spend your life saying/thinking  I hate anchovies and I do not want olives; all the Universe feels is the low vibration of negative energy and all the universe hears is anchovies and olives.  Guess what is on your pizza.  And guess how you feel about that!

With the perfect tools and resources for you (we are all different and we all want/need different things) to rediscover your true path and experience that journey in a fulfilling way life can be ALL that you want it to be.

Stay tuned for some awesome tools and resources.